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Author: cessna
Time: 02/26/11 16:25 PST
This is a reply to message no. 21329 by pokkie
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Calculations for raising temperature in specific amount of time

POKKIE:  What you have here is a classic heat transfer problem.  Assuming the ball exterior is held at a constant temperature.  The heat will flow into the ball.  Initially the exterior of the ball will heat up fairly quickly.  The problem arises if you want a constant temperature all the wsy through the ball.  Once the outer layer heats up the heat wil flow through the gall toward the center.  It will take longer to get the entire ball heated through.  The ball material will act as an insulatorl and the inside, particularly the center, will take longer to ehat up.  If the ball is small and a good conductor of heat it should heat up fairly fast.  a large ball and poor conductor of heat will take much more time. 


Good luck


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