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Author: gerdb
Time: 02/21/11 06:39 PST
This is a reply to message no. 21333 by farobin
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vaccum chamber design

I have seen a show where they sucked the air out of an oil drum, using a crude vacuum pump.  The oil drum turned into a prezel, or a sheet of paper...if you like.


I have seen a vacuum chamber large enough for  people to walk inside, for electron beam welding F-14 titanium wing center sections, etc.

This was a large cylinder, with half round end caps.

Did you do the math as to how much pressure your 6" cube will experience ?

Will the walls hold the pressure?

Will the 1" hole plug stay inside the 6*6" wall ?


I would basically go with rounded surfaces and no holes, transferring data other than by cable.  But then, I have no expereince in that regard either.







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