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Author: jackyan13
Time: 09/21/14 06:53 PST
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New technologies creat the new world

Now,we have a peace and comfortable life.Weekend,we could go for an outing together with our family by the car.Holidays,we could travel all over the world by the train or plane,enjoying the different cultures and customs in different countries.Working,we also have the chance to have a knowledge of the science exhibition/the clothing exhibition/the agriculture exhibition and so on.Then you will realize that our life has changed easy by these new technologies.

We go out by the car/train/plane and wear clothing/shoes and use the sport equipments and other products what we need in our life.Most of products are made of plastics.That is to say,plastic products have used widely in our life.What’s more,it’s of great help to improve the quality of life.Compared to other materials,plastic materials have these advantages of cheap/light/easily being shaped and recycle being used.

In the future,maybe we also can find other new materials which can make great progress in hunman history.Are you a member of finding the plastic technology and other new technologies ? Let’s do it together and find the beautiful in our life.


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