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Author: Uli.Dinklage
Time: 07/28/01 00:49 PST
This is a reply to message no. 32 by dr funda
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A field is an opinion about reality expressed in a mathematical model that works witout an ether. Measurements are an opinion or interpretation of reality similar to a mathematical model. To deduct from a model (or better transformation) that something does not exist can be just a deception. Music needs sound, sound needs air, a CD is made of plastic, therefore a CD cannot carry music.

In my opinion the Michelson-Moorley experiment could not measure the carrier of electro magnetic waves by using electromagnetic waves (interference of light). You cannot measure the properties of iron with iron instruments because your reference changes together with what you want to measure. I think the question of an ether is still open.

Yours sincerely - Uli Dinklage
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