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Author: cessna
Time: 10/06/04 14:01 PST
This is a reply to message no. 3125 by ramnath.ranganathan
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multi point fuel injection
Dear Ranganathan:  Multipoint fuel injection is a system that injects the fuel into each cylinder as opposed to a carburator or throttle body injections that injects fuel at one point in the intake system.  The advantages to multipoint and somewhat to throttle body is that the fuel delivery can be very accurately controlled for the operating conditions of the engine.  This is useful in engine performance under various conditions as well as emission control.  The carburator does not have the accuracy and preciseness that fuel injection gives, but it did serve us very well for about 100 years.  Fuel injection is more expensive and somewhat less reliable (as a system) than a carburetor, but I believe we are stuck with it until something better comes along.    

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