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Author: dr funda
Time: 07/30/00 16:40 PST
This is a reply to message no. 3125 by ramnath.ranganathan
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multi point fuel injection

It depends on what you call 'better.' It is probably not better when it comes to the manufacturing cost. Fuel injection's primary advantage is fuel economy. Along with other added benefits cars with fuel injection are dominating the marketplace today.

Multiple port fuel injection systems work much like the diesel engine fuel injection systems. It forcefully pumps a calculated amount of gasoline into each cylinder instead of relying on the suction of the cylinder to bring in gas. Modern fuel injection systems are controlled electronicly so many tricks can be played to further improve power and fuel economy. For example, the computer can shut down fuel supply altogether during coasting, or activate only a selected group of cylinders when max power is not required (so you can drive a V12 like a V6). You can think of fuel injection as 'fuel on demand.' It makes fuel management system much more flexible and easier to design.

Carburetors, on the other hand, don't give you that much freedom. And designers have to add little devices to compensate this and compensate that, thanks to the non-linear behavior of the venturi under different engine speed and throttle position.

Check out this page from Britannica for some more information on this subject.

eFunda Staff
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