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Author: dr funda
Time: 01/10/00 16:27 PST
This is a reply to message no. 36 by cluker
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cubic light year
An interesting but peculiar question to say the least...

The way to proceed is to find out how many tablespoons are in a cubic meter (a volume whose size we know):

1 tablespoon = 1.479 x 10-5 m3

Next, how many cubic meters are in a cubic light-year?  We can find that by cubing the number of meters in a light-year:

1 light-year =  9.461 x 1015 m

1 cubic light-year = 8.467 x 1047 m3

Finally, divide out the m3 to get the number of tablespoons in a cubic light-year:

8.467 x 1047 / 1.479 x 10-5 = 5.725 x 1052 tablespoons/light-year3

That's alot of tablespoons.  If we assume that each tablespoon was a spoon 6" long, then that many tablespoons placed end to end would stretch across the entire visable universe more than a trillion times for each dollar in Bill Gate's net worth.  It's a very difficult number to comprehend.

eFunda Staff
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