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Author: mbeychok
Time: 01/10/01 14:26 PST
This is a reply to message no. 42 by rudi
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Properties of Diesel Fuel

As is the case for most of the refined products derived from petroleum crude oil, diesel oil has no specific chemical composition. It is a mixture of dozens of different hydrocarbons. The physical properties of diesel oil will vary from one refinery to another.

However, in general, diesel oil has an initial boiling point temperature of about 350 degrees F and a final boiling point of about 600 degrees F. It contains hydrocarbons ranging from those containing about 10 carbon atoms to those containing about 18 carbon atoms. It has a specific gravity of about 0.850 which is equivalent to an API gravity of 35.

Since pure cetane (C16H34) is the ideal diesel fuel against which all actual diesel fuels are compared, I would suggest that you use the physical properties of cetane for your  CFD modeling. I would guess that it will be easier to find the data you want for a pure compound than for a mixture such as diesel oil.

Milton Beychok
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