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Author: saket
Time: 03/12/00 07:57 PST
This is a reply to message no. 607 by dr funda
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How to design an automated system to measure flow rate of a gas (bubble ) ..and thus able to calliberate the mass flow controller.
  thanx for ur reply but the problem lies in... we need the prnciple/physics behind the concept we are using. Now the electronic flowrate sensor- is fine but whats the .. funda it follows.please let us know that.. or else could u throw some light on using a photocell diode or LED-with a time piece. please write in something about that.
   now we need an accurate (with minimum error) so we first of all can't employ a human reading the values at rotameter.Thus suggest some electronic devise, with principle behind it... our gas is specifically nitrigen and types like it.
   it will be really nice of u to reply asap
  thanx in advance..!

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