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Author: ozogg
Time: 12/12/03 00:48 PST
This is a reply to message no. 6048 by james007
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Rotation as a vector
The problem with James' question is
that it is imprecise !

Yes, linear displacement is a vector;
where both angle & magnitude must be incorporated into
mathematical operations, arithmetical, algebraic and differential .

"Rotatation" however is imprecise.
Is this to mean angular displacement,
velocity, or acceleration ?

If angular displacement, then NO !,
angular displacement is NOT a vector.

If angular velocity, then YES !,
angular velocity is a vector.

If angular acceleration, then YES !,
angular acceleration is a vector.

The previous post, from "Dr Funda",
suffers from imprecision of the kind identified here.

Eng'g Lecturer (ret. after 35years).
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