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Author: ozogg
Time: 12/13/03 05:23 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12768 by acroduster1
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Rotation as a vector
In reply to acroduster, msg:12768,

Your summary of me is imprecise,
nay WRONG; in particular your item #1

I say, and all good mathematics texts say, that

1(a) Linear position (and displacement) are vectors, i.e. they can be expressed as a sum of base vectors ~i, ~j, ~k, each times some scalar value.

1(b) Angular position (and displacement) IS NOT A VECTOR, i.e.,
they CANNOT be expressed in terms of base vectors.

This debate is pointless if not only errors are reproduced without consulting a mathematical encyclopedia, but even when such a reference is cited, then it is subsequently misquoted.

Let's be precise folks, for that is a mighty power of maths

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