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Author: wuby
Time: 01/02/00 18:36 PST
This is a reply to message no. 7 by dora
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What is a 185/70 R14 (88T) tire?
Hi there,

Tire designation is a perfect example of mixed metric and imperial units.

The first number 185 on your tire indicates the width of the tire in millimeter. After the slash is the aspect ratio, in this case, the sidewall height is roughly 70% of the width of the tire. R stands for radial tires. 14 is the diameter of the wheel in inches on which the tire fits. 88 is a code number for the maximum load and T is the rating for the maximum speed. S+M I think stand for snow and mud but not quite sure.

Actually, there is a very good page from Michelin for tire designations:

Hope this helps.

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