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Author: LadyAerospace
Time: 09/09/01 10:59 PST
This is a reply to message no. 7834 by monkeybrains
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why engineering?
Why engineering?  I kept asking myself that every night I stayed up past two in the morning working on a project or homework assignment.  I finally came to this conclusion:  There are people in this world for whom the "just because" answer to a "why" question is sufficient.  There are others who never ask the question to begin with.  But if you constantly ask the question "Why?...Why does it work this way and not that way, why can't I do it another way, why does this make sense and this does not..." and the answer "Just because" isn't nearly enough to convince you, then engineering is a very possible path for you to take.

Engineers find new ways to make things and to make things better. On top of that, many engineers work on the latest technology and some even create technology that no one ever thought of before. Once you get past the basic math and physics, it all starts to jell and all of a sudden, the world around you starts to make a whole lot more sense than it ever did before.  

There will always be a need for engineers so don't think you will be throwing away your money on an engineering education, it will pay off greatly in the long run.  

Good luck choosing your path.
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