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Author: sveinn
Time: 09/09/01 21:46 PST
This is a reply to message no. 7834 by monkeybrains
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why engineering?
You need to search your soul and determine what is most important to you.  

Do you want to make lots of money?  If so, don't go into engineering.  Get an MBA, a law degree or become a doctor.

Do you enjoy science and doing research?  If so, strive for an academic position, don't go into engineering.

Do you greatly enjoy building new things and learning how things work?  Then maybe you should go into engineering.

I highly recommend majoring in Physics.  Physicists learn a little of everything and are very employable.  I have seen them do everthing from mechanical engineering, to software, to electrical engineering.

Whatever you choose, you should enjoy it, since you will likely spend the majority of your waking hours doing it.
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