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Author: TaurusTheTenacious
Time: 09/10/01 13:33 PST
This is a reply to message no. 7834 by monkeybrains
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why engineering?
im a senior in highschool, up to the last few months i had wanted to be a history teacher,but then i realized that that wasnt in my nature as a result of realizing that i like working with my hands, for a while i said i wanted just to be an engineer because i wasnt really sure what feild of engineering i wanted to be in,just that i wanted to be an engineer, a few days ago i was online and quite bored,so i decided to look into the websites on mech eng and see what its all about, that was a move i will never forget,i have been exploring this site and this other one called the Mech site( and i will never regret that move because that allowed me to get a feel for what i would be doing when i got into college and started doing my thing, To me it doesnt matter about what kind of money you will get payed, its a proffession which means you arent gonna be making minumum wage the only thing you need to be an engineer in my opinion is a love for the work, because the truth about things such as this is that you either love it, you hate it or you just dont know enough about it to be saying anything about it. so the real question is,how do you feel about mechanical engineering? BTW;school is usually much more difficult
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