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Author: smirk
Time: 12/04/02 04:18 PST
This is a reply to message no. 10124 by juank
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Cell phone antenna boosters
Thanks for the reply Juan, I'll give your suggestions a try.  I'm doing it right now actually.  

Hey, I realize the conditions I was describing was uncontrolled.  My trained background is in healthcare, so I'm with you on the need for controls.  

There's no way I'd be qualified to quantify how much the sticker is improving my signal.  My coverage is still crap even with it, but the difference is that there is some signal with it.  In general my signal is very quirky with the device.  Even in good signal areas it can go from 4 bars to no connection all the time.  

The only reason I was ready to jump to the conclusion that it was doing something was because the difference for me at home was dramatic in the sense that I'd go from no signal to a faint signal.  I had the device for about 3 weeks and it was virtually useless at home.  I kept leaving it in different places and in different positions because I did notice that it had an effect on it.  I'd keep it on my bed, night stand, bookshelf, or desk.  Then I'd send an Email to the device and see if it rings to indicate a new Email message.  The Emails would never get there until I left my neighborhood and power cycled the device.  

I've been leaving the device in the same places over the past week of having the sticker on and I've noticed that the Emails are getting through--still spotty, but 4 of 4 test sends will eventually get through over the course of an hour or two vs. something like 5-10% over the several weeks before it.  

Ok, I just left the device on my nightstand for 30 mins.  15 mins without the sticker and 15 mins with it.  (I know 15 mins ea. is way too short, but come on, I really can't provide anything but anecdotal evidence from a level headed perspective anyway.)  

I started off each 15 min period by power cycling the device.  Without the sticker it had 0 bars and was unable to login to the GSM service.  I walked away for a while and listened for the Email beep--Nothing.  I put the sticker back on, power cycled, and left for a few minutes.  Nothing happened for a few minutes so I walked up to check the signal.  It was still at 0 bars, but the difference was that it managed to connect to the GSM service.  It beeped right as I turned around to walk away.  Another test message sent immediately after also beeped, this time right away.  

If it'll actually do anything for you, I'll try this for longer periods of time at different locations.  I'm just a bit time strapped right now (this is a great way to procrastinate on a work project--yay!).  I know that the 30 minutes I played "scientist" is horribly fraught with chance, but just based on the fact that I have a device that's no longer totally useless at home ever since I put the sticker on, I'm confident that it's doing *something* at least at home.  

BTW, I do have a big source of conflict at home.  Namely, I have wireless broadband.  I have one of those no longer deployed diamond shaped Sprint receivers on my roof telescoping up 20 feet.  
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