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Author: jmule
Time: 02/18/04 17:38 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12281 by jgtiv
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Cell phone antenna boosters
I have switched from my POTS (Plain old telephone system) to using just cellular. I live in a bottom floor apartment made of brick and , as you can imagine, I have reception problems at home. I just shelled out the $6 to try one of these out. My other alternative is to shell out about $150 to buy parts to put together a repeater for inside my apartment. These repaeters cost at least $500, if you were to by them from any manufacture. Fabricating one is much cheaper. At any rate, I think that it is well worth $6 to see if one of these "boosters" works first, before getting amplifiers, antennas, duplexers, ect. to put together a repeater. I have been in the RF biz for some time now. If it works, beleve me I will find out exactly how and tell you all.
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