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Author: shoot21
Time: 02/17/06 22:24 PST
This is a reply to message no. 7908 by monkeybrains
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Cell phone antenna boosters

Not sure how the stickers work, but frankly THEY JUST DON'T!! I bought one at some point and it didn't do anything at all. Having moved into a new area I was having a lot of trouble with my cell phone (Razr, brand new, so didn't want to change that or my provider), so had a look through the internet. One of my neighbours actually referred me to who sell a more sophisticated system, but I can definitely vouch for it.  I have overcome the reception problem totally (reception increased from one bar to 4-5 bars) by buying a cell booster . Basically, it has an external antenna which you place outside the house, (mine is actually in the attic), pointing to the strongest signal from your nearest mobile tower. This then connects to a box inside the house, which boosts the signal from my cell phone. It definitely works (and wasn't too difficult to install), but the only confusion is that the boosters come in different frequency ranges. There is a website where you can check the frequency of your provider: . You type in your ZIP code and it tells you which cell booster to buy. It'll either be 800MHz or 1900Mhz. As I said, these things are much more sophisticated than stickers on the battery etc, and they definitely work by amplifying the signal. I paid $259 for mine and its made life a heck of a lot easier!

Hope this helps!

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