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Author: juank
Time: 09/20/01 08:18 PST
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Cell phone antenna boosters
I have been struggling to find a true scientific explanantion on how those so-called "Cell phone antenna boosters" work or something to disprove them.  This started as just a curious inquiry, but the tremendous marketing of these "stickers" that you put on the back of your cell phone, along with the lack of information regarding this "technology" have piqued my interest.  I specifically interested in any explanations regarding the stickers that claim to "boost" your cell phone antenna reception.  It is mystifying to me a EE how something without any electrical contact to the antenna nor a power source could do such a thing.  I have received some vague explanations from my EE collegues refering to something called "Sympathetic coupling" as a possible explanation, but I have yet to find anything concrete.  I suspect the product is based on some theory, but so far nobody has been able to pin point its source.  Thanks in advance for any leads.
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