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Author: taurusthetenacious
Time: 10/05/01 15:13 PST
This is a reply to message no. 7964 by mpcltrans
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Which computer company builds the best workstation???
dell builds a decent system for a decent price, but one thing you have to remember is its not the label that counts but whats in it. ive had 2 dells,one was a peice of junk,and one was a great computer. a few peices of advice i can give you is that you should get gobs of ram if ur doing something graphical(at least 256 megabytes), and dont get a celeron processor, (their FSB speeds are horrible making them load incredibly slow). also its important to get a good video card. something with 32 megs with a good GPU like Radeon or Gforce2 or 3. its not really worth it to spend a large sum on a video card. 200 is the most you should pay for one in my opinion. as for CPU, p4 is worth getting because of its fast FSB speeds but if you want to save a little dough you can get an AMD processor which is much cheaper than the pentium class proccesors in general yet also quite fast. a good site to look at if you want a good deal on stuff is
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