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Author: wayneatwmd
Time: 10/08/01 18:35 PST
This is a reply to message no. 7964 by mpcltrans
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Current Topic:
Which computer company builds the best workstation???
Check out
They have been getting great reviews in CADalyst for years.
They currently have a dual processor Athlon machine that is supposed to perform nicely.  With two 1.2GHz Athlons, 1 1/2Gig of Ram, a four disk 30GB Raid setup, 64MB GE Force 3 vid card, and a nice monitor runs around $3500.  These are currently beating dual Xeon 1.7GHz machines in benchmarks found on  I was going to buy one of these, but now am leaning towards a laptop.  For about the same price you can get a 1.2GHz PIII with a 32MB GE Force 2 Go video card and 512MB of ram.  This is about $1000 less than dell.

From what I understand, the Pentiums 4's and Xeons have a quad pumped 100MHz Front Side Bus.  This means they can simultaneously move data at 100MHz along four pipelines.  This gives a theoretical FSB of 400MHz.
The AMD chips have a dual pumped 133MHz bus for a theoretical FSB of 266MHz.  It seems right now that even with the higher theoretical performance, the AMD's are beating the Intel CPUs in memory intensive tasks.  Maybe the Intel CPUs are not fully utilizing the bandwidth.

That's my two cents.  
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