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Author: taurusthetenacious
Time: 10/09/01 19:26 PST
This is a reply to message no. 7971 by mpcltrans
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Which computer company builds the best workstation???
FSB=front side bus
what it is=the speed at which calculations are delivered to the processor for crunching. it is very important as what most people dont know is that there is a bottleneck here. a pentium 4 processor  for examplemay be capable of 1.8 billion calculations a second (1.8ghz) but it only receives 266million of these calculations a second. and if it has SD ram which runs at top speed 133mhz and a harddrive that runs that dont have a computer that runs 1.8 ghz,you got a comp that runs at 133mhz. so the moral of the story is,"balance in all things". dont worry about the speed of the processor but the speed of the entire computer as all the parts combined. a good system in my opinion which is also cost effective is something like a 600mhz pentium3(133mhz FSB if i recall corectly) with pc133 ram and a good fast Harddrive(im somewhat ambiguous as to harddrives to tell the truth except for that they should be a minumum of 20 gb these days.)
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