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Author: Monham
Time: 05/22/02 08:31 PST
This is a reply to message no. 8004 by taurusthetenacious
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Which computer company builds the best workstation???
So can you explain the whole concept of L1 Cache, L2 cache, System and CPU  BUS speed and how they all interact to effect computer performance?
I have a CPU that runs at 1335Mhz. It has a FSB of 266Mhz and has a L1 cache of 64B and 256KB L2 cache.
System motherboard BUS speed is 133Mhz.
My chipset has a 200/266 Mhz FSB.
My SDRAM is 133Mhz.

What does all this mean? Explaining all these and how they interact (assuming they interact) would be great. If someone is up to it that is?
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