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Author: gerdb
Time: 05/11/05 03:12 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16028 by zzhengtai
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you have a bolt (or thrade on a rod) of 1.500" diameter with a thread that is 12 threads per inch, class 2A

or you want to make such a thread, if it is on a print

you use a GO ring gage and a NOGO ring gage to check whether the pitch diamter of the thread is sized between those 2 dimension

different classes rewuire different GO and NOGO gages with different pitch diameters

you can look up the pitch diameter for each thread and each class of each thread in tables

       1 1/2-12 UNF THREAD

Unified Fine Thread has 12 threads per inch and is called UNF

Unified Coarse Thread has 6 threads per inch and is called UNC

pitch dia. for you thread and class must lie between 1.4440 max and 1.4376

but if you want to produce such athread you also need to watch the major diameter which must lie between 1.4981 max. and 1.4867 min.

these numbers are taken from a table as an example only

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