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Polyethylene: Ethylene / Methyl Acrylate, Low Density Copolymer
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PE is a subcategory of Polyethylene. Its specific gravity ranges from 0.942 to 0.945.

Polyethylene, also known as PE, is a thermoplastic polymer. Common trade names include Marlex, Alathon, and Hostalen. ethylene / methyl acrylate, low density copolymer It has good toughness at low temperatures and is inexpensive. PE is the largest volume commodity plastic. It is widely used in blow-molded beverage bottles, auto gas tanks, and extruded pipes.
Additional Information
Other common Polyethylene (PE) include PE, PE, PE, PE, PE, Rubber Modified PE, PE, PE, PE, 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced PE, Molding Grade PE, and Wire and Cable Grade PE.
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