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Polyurethane: Thermoplastic: 30% PAN Carbon Fiber
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30% PAN Carbon Fiber EMI Shielding (conductive) PU is a subcategory of Polyurethane. The additative is added by weight during the manufacturing process.

Polyurethane, also known as PU, is a thermoplastic or thermoset, (typically reinforced), polyadduct. Common trade names are Estane and Pellanthane. thermoplastic It has high impact resistance, dielectric strength, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. It can be made into films, solid moldings, or flexible foams. However, it becomes brittle with prolonged outdoor exposure. It is often used in automotive structural members, computer housings, furniture, and packaging foams.
Additional Information
Other common Polyurethane (PU) include Casting Resin, Liquid PU, Casting Resin, Unsaturated PU, Unreinforced Molding PU, 30% Long Glass Fiber Reinforced PU, and Long Glass Reinforced Molding Compound PU.
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