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Thermal Heat Capacity Units: Kilocalorie (IT) Per Kilogram
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Kilocalorie (IT) Per Kilogram (Cal (IT)/kg, kcal/kg) is a unit in the category of Thermal heat capacity. It is also known as kilocalories/kilogram. Kilocalorie (IT) Per Kilogram (Cal (IT)/kg, kcal/kg) has a dimension of L2T-2 where L is length, and T is time. It can be converted to the corresponding standard SI unit J/kg by multiplying its value by a factor of 4186.74.

Note that the seven base dimensions are M (Mass), L (Length), T (Time), Q (Temperature), N (Aamount of Substance), I (Electric Current), and J (Luminous Intensity).

Other units in the category of Thermal heat capacity include British Thermal Unit (IT) Per Pound Mass (Btu (IT)/lbm), British Thermal Unit (therm.) Per Pound Mass (Btu (therm.)/lbm), Calorie (IT) Per Gram (cal (IT)/g), Calorie (therm.) Per Gram (cal (therm.)/g), Joule Per Gram (J/g), Joule Per Kilogram (J/kg), and Kilowatt-Hour Per Kilogram (kWh/kg).

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