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General Steam Table
This general steam table uses data that covers compressed water, saturated steam, superheated steam, and supercritical water. Both Temperature and Pressure are required input values.

For saturated steam, use the Saturated Steam Table or the Wet Steam Table.

Temperature (T)
Absolute Pressure (P)
Properties of the superheated steam under the sepcified temperature and pressure are listed below in both metric and standard units. To convert any value to other units, click on the number itself.
Property Metric Standard
State Superheated Steam
Pressure (P) 1.0000 bar 14.504 psi
Temperature (T) 100.00 C 212.00 F
Density (rho) 0.58966 kg/m3 0.036811 lb/ft3
Specific Volume (v) 1.6959 m3/kg 27.166 ft3/lb
Enthalpy (h) 2675.8 kJ/kg 1150.4 Btu/lb
Entropy (s) 7.3610 kJ/kg-K (mayer) 1.7581 Btu/lb-R
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