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foot of water (4°C)
Symbol:  ft H2O 
Category:  Pressure 
SI Equivalent:  2988.98 Pa
Dimension ML-1T-2 
System:  UK, US 
Pressure unit defined by a column of water at 4°C with a height of 1 foot.
Convert     ft H2O  
1 ft H2O =
Energy density
  Symbol Unit Name
8.02219×10-2  Btu (IT)/ft3  British thermal unit (IT) per cubic foot 
1.28791×10-2  Btu (IT)/gal (UK)  British thermal unit (IT) per gallon (UK) 
1.07241×10-2  Btu (IT)/gal (US)  British thermal unit (IT) per gallon (US) 
2988.98  J/m3  joule per cubic meter 
2.98898  kJ/m3  kilojoule per cubic meter 
0.375606  MGOe  megagauss-oersted (MGOe) 
  Symbol Unit Name
3.04791×10-2  at  atmosphere (metric) 
2.94989×10-2  atm  atmosphere (standard) 
2.98898×10-2  bar  bar 
2.98898×104  barad  barad 
2.98898×104    barye 
2.24193    centiHg (0°C) 
2.24193  cmHg (0 °C)  centimeter of mercury (0°C) 
30.48  cmH2O  centimeter of water (4°C) 
2.98898×104  dyn/cm2  dyne per square centimeter 
2.98898×10-6  GPa  gigapascal 
29.8898  hPa  hectopascal 
0.882648  inHg (0 °C)  inch of mercury (0°C) 
0.885052  inHg (15.56 °C)  inch of mercury (15.56°C) 
12.0114  inH2O (15.56 °C)  inch of water (15.56°C) 
12  inH2O (4 °C)  inch of water (4°C) 
3.04791×10-2  kgf/cm2  kilogram force per square centimeter 
3.04791  kgf/dm2  kilogram force per square decimeter 
304.791  kgf/m2  kilogram force per square meter 
3.04791×10-4  kgf/mm2  kilogram force per square millimeter 
2.98898  kPa  kilopascal 
4.33515×10-4  kip/in2, ksi, KSI  kilopound force per square inch 
2.98898×10-3  MPa  megapascal 
0.305089  mH2O, mCE (15.56 °C)  meter of water (15.56°C) 
0.3048  mH2O, mCE (4 °C)  meter of water (4°C) 
2.98898×104  µbar  microbar (barye, barrie) 
2.24193×104  µHg (0 °C)  micron of mercury (millitorr) 
29.8898  mbar  millibar 
22.4193  mmHg, torr, Torr (0 °C)  millimeter of mercury (0°C) 
305.089  mmH2O, mmCE (15.56 °C)  millimeter of water (15.56°C) 
304.8  mmH2O, mmCE (4 °C)  millimeter of water (4°C) 
2.24193×104  mtorr  millitorr 
2988.98  N/m2  newton per square meter 
6.93624  ozf/in2, osi  ounce force (av.) per square inch 
2988.98  Pa, N/m2  pascal 
62.4261  lbf/ft2  pound force per square foot 
0.433515  psi, PSI, lbf/in2  pound force per square inch 
2008.51  pdl/ft2  poundal per square foot 
13.9479  pdl/in2  poundal per square inch 
2.94989×10-2  atm  standard atmosphere 
2.78688×10-2  tonf/ft2 (UK)  ton force (long) per square foot 
1.93533×10-4  tonf/in2 (UK)  ton force (long) per square inch 
3.04791×10-5  tonf/cm2 (metric)  ton force (metric) per square centimeter 
0.304791  tonf/m2 (metric)  ton force (metric) per square meter 
3.12131×10-2  tonf/ft2 (US)  ton force (short) per square foot 
2.16758×10-4  tonf/in2 (US)  ton force (short) per square inch 
22.4193  torr  torr 
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