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Saturated Steam Table
In many applications, saturated steam may contain both water vapor and water droplets, so it is necessary to specify the "dryness" of the steam in order to determine its thermal properties. The dryness is the mass fraction of the vapor in a steam, so 0% dryness means all liquid with no vapor; while 100% dryness means all steam with no liquid.
Dryness (D %

The Temperature and the Pressure of the saturated steam are mutually dependent. When one of them is given, the other is determined. Please enter either the temperature or the pressure, and click on the "Go" button to proceed.

Temperature (T)
Absolute Pressure (P)
Properties of the pure saturated steam are listed below in both metric and standard units. To convert any value to other units, click on the number itself.
Property Metric Standard
Dryness (D) 100 % 100 %
Temperature (T) 100.0 C 212.0 F
Pressure (P) 1.0134 bar 14.698 psi
Density (rhow) 0.59770 kg/m3 0.037313 lb/ft3
Specific Volume (vw) 1.6731 m3/kg 26.800 ft3/lb
Internal Energy (uw) 2506.5 kJ/kg 1077.6 Btu/lb
Enthalpy (hw) 2676.1 kJ/kg 1150.5 Btu/lb
Entropy (sw) 7.3550 kJ/kg-K
1.7567 Btu/lb-R