About eFunda
What is eFunda?
eFunda is committed to bringing the best on-the-job services to the engineering community. By aligning with the leading companies in areas which complement eFunda's coverage we greatly broaden the spectrum of our offerings and speed up our pace toward the eventual goal: The Ultimate Online Design Center for Engineers.

Eng-Tips comprises hundreds of forums categorized by every engineering discipline, as well as by topic. Currently the 10 most popular forums are listed under mechanical engineers, structural engineers, storm/flood engineering, underwriter laboratories, electrical/electronic engineers, circuit engineering, piping and fluid mechanics, ACI (concrete), engine and fuel engineering, and chemical engineering.
ENGINEERING.com is a worldwide community spanning all engineering disciplines where members and visitors get free engineering tools and services. These free services range from online software that supports teamwork, such as file sharing, secure group collaboration and job boards to interesting diversions like engineering videos and technical games.
HaraBara helps companies deal with the challenges of "green". By providing access to proprietary information, networks, contacts, resources and tools it makes it easier for business to respond to environmental and green pressures. It uses web-based systems centered at HaraBara.com. The Green India Business Network offers Indian companies support in responding to emerging green issues. The Green Company List gives firms a searchable venue to reach other green companies or visitors interested in such companies. The site also offers news and comment on companies going green and related concerns. Through eFunda, HaraBara helps deliver information on greentech to engineers.
Intota is the leading online source of scientific and technical experts. It has evolved from a proven "bricks-and-mortar" enterprise with more than 15 years of industry success in person-to-person knowledge transfer. The Intota network includes experts in more than 33,000 areas of science, technology and business.
   Techstreet is an e-commerce information marketplace offering one of the world's largest collections of technical books, industry standards, and training and education products. The collection includes nearly 500,000 titles and over 35,000 documents available in downloadable format. Techstreet's Web site is a one-stop source for technical professionals across many disciplines, providing critical information quickly, easily, and at the lowest prices available. Techstreet also powers e-commerce information stores for vertical partners like Manufacturing.Net, CheMatch.com, the American Water Works Association, eFunda.com, and SoluSource.
ThomasNet.com is the Internet's pre-eminent sourcing and supplier discovery and selection platform for OEM, MRO and other products and services. The platform serves engineers, procurement professionals, plant and facility management and other specifiers and buyers from corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, the military and small businesses. Designed by engineers, ThomasNet.com provides the information and tools needed to easily identify, evaluate, compare and select products and suppliers. With over 100 million+ parts discoverable by material, dimension, construction and other attributes, millions of downloadable CAD models compatible with all major software and 607,000 suppliers selectable by ownership, certification, capabilities and location, ThomasNet.com is the most specific, relevant and complete platform of its kind.
   Tymatic Inc. is an innovative provider of online business solutions for small to medium-sized companies. The company’s founding vision is to help organizations improve the quality and visibility of their products and services through the use of cutting-edge technology. Tymatic’s underlying philosophy is to break the "enterprise application curse" by providing hosted, web-based applications that are cost-effective, quickly deployed, and easily maintained.
Wolfram Research, Inc., the maker of the leading scientific computing sofware Mathematica, was founded by probably the most important innovator in technical computing today: Stephen Wolfram. While remaining privately held, Wolfram Research has been continuously profitable, and it has thus been able to fund unusually long-term R&D projects and to port Mathematica to a wide selection of operating systems.