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triple-c rapid prototyping center china

Our company is a leading supplier and manufacturer that offers a wide range of rapid prototyping services in China.

First of all, we create 3d models by CNC milling or machining, we use this subtractive method to make your idea real in all kinds of steel, plastics steel brass copper, titanium or aluminum.

For small quantity volume parts we use RTV ( room temperature vulcanization) with silicone moulds. Rubber or plastic parts can be made out of one mould.


cnc machind prototypes

vacuum casted products

short run injection moulds

sla sls prototypes

3d engineering services

Contact roger van der Linden
Address changhsou road 800
Country China
Telephone +31
Email info@prototypingchina.com
Website www.prototypingchina.com
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cnc machining

We deliver CNC milled/machined prototypes and products. CNC Milling is a versatile process that can make complex parts. Diverse plastics are available such as ABS, POM, PA, PA + glass fibres. Aluminum, brass, steel STEEL 316 available

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injection molding companies

Plastic injection mold manufacturing for Europe , USa and canada If you would like to manufacture your plastic products, you should understand if you need to produce the plastic parts in China injection mold makers or get the mold in your country  for production. There is a little bit difference on the plastic injection mold making as the mold specification is different compare…

Your thermoplastic injection machine layout and specification.

You should forward your plastic injection machine layout to your  injection mold companies. Then they can have following information for mold:

  • Injection machine knock out hole layout,
  • How big mold to fit your injection machine,
  • If your injection machine shot volume is enough for your injection mold,
  • What kind of mold clamp your injection machine to fix the mold or screw holes layout to local the mold.
  • Location ring hole size of your injection machine,
  • Return pin screw specification or mold ejector plate return system of your injection machine.
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China Plastic Injection Mold Maker

We ran a lot of high priced material for a medical company ($17.00 #) and could not use any regrind, we had two dryers by the press one with virgin and one with the reject material we always used the regrind to start the press and then when it was cycled in
we went to the virgin material. with 4 lb parts it saved us alot of money and used the scrap.

Some materials like FEP, PTFE and others will generate tons of acid if run wet and therefore must be dried even if your only molding scrap. Back to the original question.

Another trick I've used is to run the "start up" mold temp higher to get the tool up to temp and stabilized faster. After the very first shot, drop it back to the normal set point. To find the "start-up" mold temp, run the tool for a few hours and do an accurate steel temp of the core directly after part ejection.

A customer was ordering plastic injection molded parts and mounting several labels and a membrane switch on the unit at their facility in Milwaukee. RSP was able to supply the customer the plastic mold maker in China, membrane switch, custom plastic injection molding and labels together on the unit eliminating 3-4 minutes of assembly time from their production line and saving them thousands of dollars a year! Call us today to see how affordable and easy plastic injection molding projects can be when you work with a US factory manufacturing in China.

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Tpe tpe thermo elastic injction molding
Collective name for a group of thermoplastic polymer blends of a "hard" polymer with elastomer particles. Depending on the polymer used in the blend, a TPE is further distinguished according to Polyamide TPE (TPA), Copolyesther TPE (TPC), Olefin TPE (TPO), Styrene TPE (TPS), Urethane TPE (TPU), TPE with a cross-linked rubber (TPV) and special TPEs (TPZ)

Specific characteristics

0.97 - 1.27 g / cm3 (depending on type TPE)

Mechanical properties:

Varying from very flexible and tough to relatively stiff and brittle. TPUs have an exceptionally high wear resistance.


Depending on the type, variable from around 25 shore A to around 80 shore D.

Thermal properties:

Depending on type: usable from –60 ° C to + 150 ° C.

Color / surface
TPEs are not transparent; well colorable. Some models do not allow bright colors.

Well injection moldable in our http://www.injectionmoldschina.com/factory/;
Most TPEs can be easily glued using solvent adhesives or 2-component adhesives; TPS types adhere well to PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA, PPE and PBT in so-called hard-soft combinations (multi-component injection molding)

Profiles, gaskets, medical components, bellows, grip surfaces, shoe soles, conveyor belts, membranes, o-rings, vibration dampers, ski boots, running wheels, tires (internal transport)
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