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The most common Bar Code Device is often called barcode reader or barcode scanner. It is an electronic device for reading barcodes. A common barcode reader consists of a light source to reach out/illuminate bracodes, a light sensor to collect optical signals and convert them into electrical ones, and a decoding circuitry (decoder) to analyze the received signals and translate them to ASCII code data. The data then send through the scanner's output port.

Most popular barcode readers include Pen-type readers, Laser scanners, CCD (Charge-coupled device) readers, Camera-based readers, Cell phone cameras. The housing and packaging of common barcode readers include Handheld scanner, Pen scanner (or wand scanner), Stationary scanner, Fixed-position scanner, Smart Phone/PDA scanner, Automatic reader, and Cordless scanner. The methods of connection includ Early serial interfaces (e.g., RS232), Proprietary interfaces (POS, Point of Sale), Keyboard wedges (e.g., PS/2), USB (Universal Serial Bus), Wireless networking (WIFI IEEE 802.11g; Blurtooth IEEE 802.15.3).

 81 companies matched 
Aalka Brass inserts India
Brass moulding inserts Brass tank connectors
ABCP steel reinforcement products Co., Ltd.
reinforcing welded mesh
Accuz Metal Products Co., Ltd
acid etching,perforated metal
Allen Debris Netting Company
scaffold netting, safety netting
Ankey post anchor Company
post anchor supplier
Anliter Corral Panels Company
corral panels
Anping County Wuxin Chemical Dyes Co., Ltd.
indigo dye
Anping Dongfu Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.
Anping GRD Windbreake Netting Company
knitted and extruded HDPE windbreak netting mesh
Anticat Pet Screen Company
pet screen
Antimos insect screen company
insect screen, window screen
Arrow PVC Mesh Co., Ltd.
PVC mesh
B India Brass Components
Brass Anchors Brass components  Brass nuts Brass Parts
Betons Reinforcing Bar Company
reinforcing bar
Bird-Away Netting Co., Ltd.
bird netting
Brass Castings Copper Casting Brass foundry india
Brass casting Copper casting bronze casting fittings india
Brass Inserts India
Inserts Brass acsting Moulding inserts plastics electrical parts
Brass Screws & Brass fasteners India
Brass screws fasteners
Cetkan Concrete mesh company
concrete mesh
CKH Sintered Metal Filters Co,.Ltd.
sinter wire mesh
CSEH Bird Aviary Co., Ltd.
bird aviary
Eagle Hog Ring Co., Ltd.
hog rings
Engreat Steel Fence Company
steel fence, steel fencing
Estra star pickets company
star picket
Everbright High Tensile Wire Company
high tensile wire
Fadem Architectural Mesh Factory
architecture mesh
Firm Checker Plate Company
Checker plate, diamond plate, safety grating
Forada Perforated Sheets Company
perforated sheet metal
Garden Trellis Netting Co., Ltd.
trellis netting
GRD Aluminum Mesh Company
aluminum mesh
Greeden Tomato Cage Company
tomato cages
Greeny Grass Mesh Co., Ltd.
Grass reinforcement mesh, turf reinforcement mesh
Ground Drag Mat Co., Ltd.
drag mat
Guangzhou Joyshine Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd
Inflatable water park factory, inflatable floating water park
Guard Bird Netting Company
bird netting, garden netting, hail netting
Hangzhou Hengyi Cloth Industry Co., Ltd
Our company has many mattress fabrics advanced equipments, such as knitting circular machine, double jacquard circular knitting machine, shuttleless 
Hebei Chengrui Kelly Hose Co., Ltd.
kelly hose
Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.
camlock fittings
Hebei Huanyu Noise Barriers Co., Ltd.
noise barriers
Hebei Lvhua Gabion Wall Co., Ltd.
gabion wall
Hebei Maochang Diamond Mesh Co., Ltd.
diamond mesh
Hebei Wang Da Gabion Co., Ltd.
Gabion Mattress
Hebei Wanxiang Concertina Wire Co., Ltd.
concertina wire
Hengshui Baole Rubber Products Trading Co., Ltd.
marine fender
HengShui Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.
stainless steel braided hose
Hengshui Jingtong Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd.
bridge bearing
Hengshui Jingtong Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd.
rubber mats
Hengshui Kaiyuan Fiberglass Products Co.,Ltd.
safety helmet
JINGHAO Hearing aids
hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids,BTE hearing aids, Hearing amplifier, ITE hearing aids, amazon hearing aids, analog hearing aids, alibaba hearing aids,hearing device?Hearing aids China,hearing...
Kingsafe security screen Company
security screen, security window and doors screen
Laser Photonics
SBM Series for Laser Cutting and Engraving ,Fiber Tower for Laser Marking,Handheld Fiber Laser, great for Direct Part Marking and small enough to hold in the hand.,Fiber Laser Cutting Robotics,OEM...
Lauter Speaker Grill Company
speaker grill
Loveget Animal Traps Co., Ltd.
Machine Vision Components Online Shop -
Data Matrix Readers, 2D Barcode Readers, Barcode Readers, Machine Vision Cameras, Machine Vision Filters, Machine Vision Lenses, Machine Vision Lighting & Illumination, Smart Cameras, Support...
Mahmayi office furniture
Mount Copper Mesh Co., Ltd.
copper mesh
MSS Sand Screen Co., Ltd
sand control screen
Nagel concrete nails company
concrete nails
Ningbo Mayee Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd
We developed a new business line Chocolate Maker on TV products 8 years ago. Now we are a supplier for TV shopping channels, mail order companies and other promotional distributors in Europe, North...
No-Skid Chequered Plate Co., Ltd.
chequered plate
Noah Perforated Plate Company
perforate plate
Panke Highway Guardrail Company
highway guardrail
Penetta Galvanized Nails Company
galvanized nails
Prec Acid Etching Metal Co., Ltd.
etching metal
Protective Poultry Netting Company
poultry netting
Qiming Plant Supports Company
Plant Supports for Plants
Red Leaf Metal Curtain Co., Ltd.
metal curtain
Robust Chain Harrow Co., Ltd.
chain harrow
Robust Metal Grating Co., Ltd.
metal grating
Robust Zoo Mesh Co., Ltd.
zoo mesh
Saprkle Concrete Screws Company
Concrete screws
Shenzhen ASTA Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen ASTA Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. The industrial park covers an area of 35,000 square meters and currently has 710 employees and workers. Asta is...
Shenzhen Asta Co.,Ltd.
Shiney Metal Mesh Grill Co.,ltd.
car grilles
Sunflowers Wire Hangers Company
wire hangers
Supire Steel Wire Company
SS wire, galvanized wire
SURI Stainless Steel Scrubber Company
stainless steel scrubbers,
Telas Extruder Screens Company
extruder screens
Tianen Craft Wire Company
PVC coated craft wire
Winner Industry Co., Ltd.
sandwich panels
Xi'an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co., Ltd