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An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through interacting magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors to generate force, although a few use electrostatic forces. The applications of electric motors are very diverse from industrial fans, blowers and pumps, machine tools, to household appliances, such as washers, dryers, garage door openers, and power tools; from office machines for copying and printing to computer disk drives and colling fans.

An electric motor may be powered by direct current (DC) from a battery or by alternating current (AC) from a central electrical distribution grid. It can be small enough to fit into an electric analog wristwatch. It may be enough to fill up a room to power a train or a ship. Its power rating may range from micro watts to millions of watts. Electric motors may be classified by the source of electric power, by their internal construction, by their application, or by the type of motion they give.
The categories of electric motors may include

  • DC motors: Most of DC motors are Permanent-magnet motors: Brushed DC motors, Brushless DC motors, Coreless or ironless DC motors, pancake DC motors.
  • Universal motors: Motors designed to operate on either AC or DC power.
  • AC motors include AC Motor with sliding rotor, Synchronous electric motor, Induction motor, Doubly-fed electric motor, and Singly-fed electric motor.
  • Other more common motors include Servo motor, Electrostatic motor, Torque motor, Stepper motor, Linear motor, Nanotube nanomotor, Spacecraft propulsive motor.

The reverse process, producing electrical energy from mechanical energy, is accomplished by some type of generator such as an alternator or a dynamo.
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AC Variable Frequency Drives
Variable frequency drive, adjustable speed drive, AC drives, frequency inverter
ATO Relays
  single phase or three phase AC solid state relays SSR electromagnetic relays EMR digital or analog time delay relay DC / AC monitoring relay , 
Avelly, LLC
Brass Nuts Screws fasteners
Brass inserts moulding nuts fasteners screws tube fittings conduit fittings electrical connectors
Brass Screws & Brass fasteners India
Brass screws fasteners
Clearwater Tech
ABB Low Voltage Drives ,ABB Low Voltage Controls ,Banner Engineering Sensors ,TURCK Sensors ,SUNX Sensors
Excitron Corporation
Haiyan LONG BO DC Motor Co,.Ltd.
Prototype Making ,Die Casting Audio PArts ,Die Casting Light Housing ,Furniture fittings die casting ,Casting Moto and Auto parts ,Communication and Electronics parts ,Medical Equipment parts
INVT Electric
Industrial AutomationNetwork PowerElectric VehicleRail Transit
Joliet technologies, L.L.C.
Variable Speed DC DrivesVariable Frequency AC DrivesAC Drive ControllersAC & DC Retro-Fit or ReplacementField ServiceSpare Parts & Replacement PartsDrive Preventive MaintenanceElectric Repair...
JPT Mechanical Drives
Radicon Gearboxes, Siemens Gearboxes, Siemens Flender, Flender Gearboxes, Simogear, Drives, Motors, Electric Motors, Radicon Couplings, Geared Motor, Gear unit, Geared reducer, Reducer gearbox,...
MET Motors-Minnesota Electric Technology, Inc.
Electric Motors,DC Motors,PMDC Motors,BLDC Motors,Permanent Magnet DC Motors
Incremental Encoders, Absolute Encoders, Linear (length measuring systems) Encoders, Motor Feedback Systems, Positioning (format adjustment drives).
Soft Starter
Soft starter main function is to apply low voltage to motor terminal during starting(to limit the starting current) and then gradually increases the voltage to attain the full speed or max. torque.
VFD Manufacturers
The extra cost of the inverter duty motor and inverter are hard to recover for most refrigeration applications if the compressor has an internal unloading system such as a slide valve or cylinder...
Zhejiang Lixiang Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd.
LISSAM is one of professional China Welding Cutting machine manufacturers and Welding helmet Suppliers, our products cover Welding Machine, Welding Accessories, Welding Consumables, Gas Equipment,...
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