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A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors—the transformer's coils. A varying current in the first or primary winding creates a varying magnetic flux in the transformer's core and thus a varying magnetic field through the secondary winding. This varying magnetic field induces a varying electromotive force (EMF) or "voltage" in the secondary winding. This effect is called mutual induction.

Transformers come in very wide range of sizes from a thumbnail-sized coupling transformer hidden inside a stage microphone to huge units weighing hundreds of tons used to interconnect portions of power grids. All operate with the same basic principles. Transformers can be found in nearly all electronic devices designed for household voltage. A major application of large scale transformers is to increase voltage before transmitting electrical energy over long distances through wires. Transformers are also used extensively in electronic products to step down the supply voltage to a level suitable for the low voltage circuits they contain. The transformer also electrically isolates the end user from contact with the supply voltage.

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50Hz 60Hz Converter Inc
Frequency converter 60Hz to 50Hz, 110v 60Hz to 220v 50Hz converter, 230v 50Hz to 120v 60Hz frequency converter, AC power source, 480v 60Hz to 380v 50Hz Converter
60Hz 50Hz Frequency Converter
GoHz Frequency Converter 60Hz to 50Hz, convert 110V 60Hz to 220V 50Hz, 120V 60Hz to 240V 50Hz, 230V 50Hz to 110V 60Hz...
AC Frequency Converter 50Hz 60Hz 400Hz
Solid state (static) frequency converter 50 Hert to 60 Hertz, 400 Hertz
AC Transformer Corp.
Three phase power meters, current transformer, cloud-based subtenant billing, Energy Management System
Airlink Transformers
AlfaMag Electronics
Amecon, Inc.
Americor Electronics, Ltd.
Ariana International Inc.
Ascent Electrical Supply
Assembly Masters, Inc.
Avel Lindberg, Inc.
Badger Transformer Company, Inc.
Bicron Electronics Co.
Transformers, Solenoids
Brass Screws & Brass fasteners India
Brass screws fasteners
Coil Winding Specialist
CRITERION INSTRUMENTS - Electronic Test Equipment
Dielectric Strength Testers ,High Voltage Testers ,Insulation Testers ,Phasing Sticks ,AC & DC Power Supplies
CUI Inc.
Prototype Making ,Die Casting Audio PArts ,Die Casting Light Housing ,Furniture fittings die casting ,Casting Moto and Auto parts ,Communication and Electronics parts ,Medical Equipment parts
Hitech Metals Brass Extruded Rods India
Brass Wires ,      ,Brass Lead Free Wires             Brass Cold Heading Wire                 ...
Interpower Corporation
Electrical Electronics Fasteners Hardware, Electrical Distribution Protection Equipment, Transformers
ISL Products International Ltd.
Precision Incorporated
Pulizzi Engineering, Inc.
Swati Enterprise
Bronze Casting, Brass Casting, Brass Forging, Brass Turned Parts, Copper Alloy Castings, Groudning Clamps, Connectors, Transmission and Utility Hardware, Electrical Fitting, Earthing Accessories,...
Time Mark Corporation
Transformers, Level Sensors
Toroid Corp. of Maryland
Weschler Instruments
Transformers, Product Material Testing
Xiamen Innovacera Advanced Materials Co., Ltd
Metallized Ceramic, Ceramic Insulator, Ceramic Disc and other technical Ceramic components.
Yoen Electronic Co., Ltd.
ZhiJiang Magnet Co., Ltd
high performance alnico magnets,