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A peripheral is a device attached to a computer. The function of a peripheral is to enhance the host computer's usability and/or expend its capabilities.

Common peripherals include

  • Input device: keyboard, mouse, trackpad, touchscreen, microphone, webcam, scanner, barcode reader, etc.
  • Output device: monitor, printer, plotter, speaker, tec.
  • Removable storage device: external hard drive, external CD/DVD Drive, flash drive, memory card reader, etc.
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A Jamnagar Brass Components Jamnagar Brass Parts
Brass Parts Brass inserts Jamnagar Brass Components Brass Nuts Brass Screws Brass FAsteners Brass Inserts Manufactuerrs India Brass parts Turned parts Jamnagar
Advantech Corporation, Industrial Automation Group
Data Acquisition Signal Conditioning, Computer Peripherals
Aydin Displays, Inc.
Computer Peripherals
Brass Washers Copper washers Pressed Parts Pressed Components
Brass washers Copper washers Brass Cup washers Sealing washers Din 125 washers   India jamnagar manufacturers
Cable Glands and Copper Terminal Lugs INDIA
   Brass Cable Glands    Copper Bonded Earthing Rods    Copper Cable Lugs Terminals    Copper grounding...
Earth Computer Technologies, Inc.
Computer Peripherals
L&Z tool and plastics Co., Ltd
household appliances mold, Daily products mold, Automotive products mold and injection molding services
Liao Ning Yu Sheng Great Automotive Co.,Ltd.
Liaoning Yusheng Great Automotive Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2010 as a private limited company. The company is one of investment projects in Dengta city, with a fixed asset of 140 million yuan and...
Maple Systems, Inc.
Computer Peripherals
Orient Mold Co.,Ltd
Mold/mould design and construction for injection molding, die casting, precise metal stamping, double injection molding, precise molding, precise tooling
Panasonic Electric Works/Formerly Aromat
Computer Peripherals, Linear Position Sensors
Parker Hannifin/Electromechanical Automation
Computer Peripherals
Pilz Automation Safety L.P.
Switches, Meters, Readouts Indicators, Computer Peripherals
QSI Corporation
Computer Peripherals
SpaceAge Control, Inc.
Linear and Motion Components,Linear Position Sensors,Test Equipment,Displacement Transducers
T2W Electronics Co.,Ltd
Self investment and manufacture items: , Mini speaker: Bluetooth Speaker,iPod Speaker, MP3&MP4 speaker,Computer speaker, Phone Speaker, Radio Speaker etc. , Bluetooth : Bluetooth Stereo,...