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Software, contrast to hardware which represents the physical portation of a computer, device, or machine itself, is intangible. It is usually the collection of computer programs and related data that instruct the computer, device, or machine to perform the desired functions.

Examples of computer software include

  • Application software includes end-user applications of computers
  • Device drivers control computer peripherals
  • Programming languages define the syntax and semantics of computer programs.
  • System software includes operating systems, which govern computing resources
  • Programming tools or developing environment help conduct computing tasks in any category listed above
  • Firmware is low-level software often stored on electrically programmable memory devices
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Brass Parts Brass inserts Jamnagar Brass Components Brass Nuts Brass Screws Brass FAsteners Brass Inserts Manufactuerrs India Brass parts Turned parts Jamnagar
Anping County Wuxin Chemical Dyes Co., Ltd.
indigo dye
Anping XieDa Shaped Wire Co., Ltd.
shaped wires, galvanized oval wires, triangle wires, square wires, wedge wires, archwire
Brass Parts Stainless Steel Turned parts india
Brass turned parts stainless steel parts fittings turned components
Conex Brass turned Parts and Brass turned Components India
   Brass Pins Electrical Plug pins   |   Brass Conduit Fitting  |   Brass Lamp Component    Panel Board Fittings  |...
Fortech Software Consulting, Inc
Kurt Electronics
MacRAE's - Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Video Production Toronto
Digital Marketing, ,Local Advertising ,Industrial advertising ,Vedio production ,Web development ,Seo ,PPC
ModalLogic IT Systems Pvt. Ltd.
In-Process Materials Movement Analysis Software (MMAS-ERP) , Timsheet Management software (TimeManager),
OptoMotive, mechatronics Ltd.
- Cameleon is a ready to use imaging solution based on popular TE0300 FPGA USB module. ,- Camelopard is a high-performance OptoMotive USB camera based on TE0320 FPGA USB module. ,- Velociraptor is...
Software 4 Business
Software for Palm OS handhelds and smartphones. Palm currency converter, palm unit converter, palm finance genius, palm tax manager, palm account manager, conversion pack - unit & currency
Supply Chain Services
Barcode scanners, mobile computers, wireless infrastructures
Tooling U, LLC
Abrasives TrainingCNC TrainingCNC Controls: GE Fanuc TrainingCNC Controls: Haas TrainingElectrical SystemTrainingFasteners TrainingHydraulics and Pneumatics TrainingInspection TrainingManual Machining...