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The surface cleaning and preparation are processes to remove oil, grease, old coatings and surface contaminants and control the size, flatness, and/or roughness of the surface for coating or further finishing. These processes are essential for the success of any protective coating scheme.

There are three basic methods of removing contaminants: Chemical Cleaning, Abrasion and Degreasing.

  • Chemical Cleaning is popular for preparing metals. It includes treatments which etch the surface to form highly adhering oxides, or deposit complex inorganic coatings.
  • Abrasion includes sandblasting, vapor honing and use of abrasives cleaning and finishing materials. The dimension of components needs to be watch closely when using abrasion methods.
  • Degreasing often cleans the surfaces with either a hot alkali solution or solvent vapor. To use either method, surfaces must be free of rust, paint and mill scale.
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A-Bec Industries
Industrial Cleaning Surface Preparation
Surface Finishing Products Equipment, Industrial Assembly, Industrial Cleaning Surface Preparation
AccuStream, Inc.
Industrial Cleaning Surface Preparation
Altra-Tech Corporation
Industrial Cleaning Surface Preparation, Machine Tool Accessories
Anping Jintai Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd
welded wire mesh ,wire mesh fence ,Chain link fence ,gabion box ,Filed fence
Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
6-axis, High Speed Painting Robots with Paint Mixing & Dosing Systems and Controls for Easy Programming & Diagnostics.,Paint Shop Engineering, Automation & Consultancy.
Beijing Changhang Investment Casting Co.,Ltd.
Investment Castings,Artificial Joints Castings,Impellers,High-temperature alloy castings, 
Brass Nuts Inserts
Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934 Brass Bolts and Nuts Brass lock Nuts DIN 439       Brass Panel Nuts Brass Acorn Nuts Dome Nuts Brass Jam Nuts
Conex Bronze Fittings
PRODUCTS Bronze Bushes Bushings Bronze Flanges Bronze Flanges NPT Bronze Pump Flanges Bronze Grounding Clamps Connectors Bronze Guv Clamps U Clamps Bronze Ground Clamps...
Diamond Blade Dealer
Eco Pickled Surface
Slurry Blasting is at the core of Eco Pickled Surface steel pickling process. The slurry – a mixture of ordinary water and fine steel grit – is propelled onto the steel strip in a...
General Pump
Pumps, Valves, Industrial Cleaning Surface Preparation
Jiangxi Zhaofeng Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd
Tungsten Carbide Products ,Carbide Rods, Plates, Blanks, Dies, Wire Dies, Mining Tips, buttons, Drilling Bits, Scarifier Cutters etc.
KnitMesh Technologies Ltd
Working with customers who are world-class in their chosen fields, KnitMesh Technologies supplies highly innovative products to many multi-national and global organisations across the automotive, ...
Maan Global Industries
sandblasting machine, shot blasting machine, blast room, tumblast machine
Ningbo Huayuan Casting Machinery Factory
OEM Steel Casting Parts,High Precision Die Casting Parts,carbon steel casting parts,stainless steel
Ningbo Qianfeng Machinery Company
Our product range is big, covering from traditional Pressure feed sandblaster, Suction feed sandblaster to Automatic blasters, from Portable sand blaster, Shot sand blaster, Sandblast room...
Oto Temizlik Ürünleri
Oto Temizlik Ürünleri
Pengzhi Fiberglass Factory
Fiberglass screen, fiberglass sunshade mesh, fiberglass mesh
Plan B Solutions
New, used, and rebuilt/refurbished abrasive blast equipment and dust collectors, air compressors, motors and drives, controls automation and electrical applications, PLC programming and upgrades
Sagar Aqua Solution
RO plant  ,Package Drinking water plant ,1000 lph ro plant ,Mineral water plant ,Demineralization Plant , 
SCS Steel Surface Treatment
SCS surface treatment is environmentally friendly, using only ordinary water, which is even filtered and recirculated during the process. Compare that with acid pickling, which uses vats of...
Shot Blast Inc
Steel Shot Blasting, Diamond Grinding, Scarification, Concrete Polishing, Floor Coating, Glosscrete
Stable Nylon Mesh Company
nylon mesh
YNot Trading
Cleaning Material / Household Items
Zhejiang Yongkang Niceland Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd.
Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting, Punching & Stamping Parts, Stainless Steel Parts, Machined Hardware Parts, Moulds Making, Assembly, Value-Added Operations.