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A machine tool is a powered mechanical device, typically used to fabricate metal components of machines by machining, which is the selective removal of metal. A machine tool can be powered from a variety of sources. Human and animal power are options, as is energy captured through the use of waterwheels. However, modern machine tools began to develop only after the development of the steam engine, which led to the Industrial Revolution. Today, most machine tools are powered by electricity.

Machine tools can be operated manually, or under automatic control. Modern machine tools are often computer numenical controlled (CNC) for the precision, speed, and low labor cost. Common machine tools include drill press, lathe, milling machine, saws, planer, grinding machine, and stamping machine.

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2013 Huaxing Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.
50Hz 60Hz Converter Inc
Frequency converter 60Hz to 50Hz, 110v 60Hz to 220v 50Hz converter, 230v 50Hz to 120v 60Hz frequency converter, AC power source, 480v 60Hz to 380v 50Hz Converter
7-Leaders Corp.
01. End Mills02. Carbide End Mills03. Solid Carbide Tools04. Cutting Tools05. Solid Carbide End Mills
A+ Injection Mold China
Plastic injection mold, injection mould making
Aco Injection Mold Manufacturer
We are a toolmaker in China, and not only ejector blade supplier, but if you need support, we could supply good quality  injection mold making, plastic injection moulding in China.
Action Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Hydraulic Press, Forging Press, Metal Forming Press, Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press, Forming Press, Die Spotting Press
An Injection Molding (Plastic) Company
Plastic injection molding
Ann Way Machine Tools
,01. Tool Holder02. ER Chuck03. Collet Chuck04. Milling Chuck05. Slim Chuck
Anping County Jiaxin Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.
stainless steel wire mesh ,welded wire mesh ,conveyor belt mesh,balck wire cloth ,stainless steel wire .
Anshan Newfield Slewing Ring Co., Ltd
slewing ring bearings, slewing drive, slew drive,worm drive, flange, big gear , shaft, gear ring drive and so on
Anyang Forging Press Company
1) Pneumatic Forging Hammers falling weight at 9kg, 15kg, 25kg, 40kg, 55kg, 75kg, 150kg, 250kg, 400kg, 560kg, 750kg, 1000kg and 2000kg 2) Electro-Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammers capacity at 1T,...
Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
series pneumatic forging hammer, series numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer, series hydraulic forging hammer, series forging manipulator, series ring rolling machines, series hydraulic...
Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd
forging hammer, forging tools, ring rolling machine, metal scrap baling press, hydraulic riveting machine etc
Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd.
Collet Chuck, Power Chuck, Rotary Cylinder,
Axis Engineering Automation
    Plastic mold design and Manufacturing (Plastic Injection Molds)    Gravity die casting    Pressure die casting and Low pressure design casting...
Band Saw Supplies - Way Train
Band Saw, Horizontal Band Saw, Horizontal Sawing Machine, Automatic Band Saw, Sawing Machine
Bella Co., Ltd.
  ,01. Permanent Makeup ,02. Tattoo Machine ,03. Eyelash Perm ,04. Micropigmentation ,05. Dermagraphic ,06. Eyelash Extensions ,07. Tattoo Supply ,08. Rotary Machine ,09. Tattoo...
Bester Hose Reel Co., Ltd.
We Always Have the Right Hose Reels for Your Applications
Bexon Industry & Trade Co., Limited
Air Spray Gun, Air Impact Wrench, Airbrush, Air Hammer
bolong wire mesh machine factory
As manufacturer we can provide wire mesh Machine products with timely delivery and competitive prices. In recent years, we have improved the weaving and packing method, which ensure that we produce...
Brass Fittings Parts Conex
Brass fittings hose fittings cable glands Brass terminals conduit fittings castings etc
Brass Inserts India
 Brass Plastic Moulding Inserts  Brass PPR Inserts  Self Tapping Brass Inserts  Brass Spacers  Rotational Moulding Brass Inserts  Brass Connectors For Water...
HOME PROFILE PRODUCTS Anchors drop in Anchors Fasteners Brass Anchors Brass Anchor Fasteners M6 Anchors Brass Slotted Drop in Anchors 6mm Anchor Fasteners M8 Brass...
Brass Nuts Inserts
Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934 Brass Bolts and Nuts Brass lock Nuts DIN 439       Brass Panel Nuts Brass Acorn Nuts Dome Nuts Brass Jam Nuts
BS Fittings Brass Fittings Stainless Steel Fittings India
Brass fittings Stainless Steel fittings hose fittings Brass fasteners Brass Anchors electrical cable glands
Cankey Packing Machinery
Our main products are cellophane overwrapping machine, vacuum packaging machine, multi-head weighing and filling machine, hand sanitizer filling machine and packaging film. We are always striving to...
Capital Tool Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of Milling cutters,single,side and face,concave and convex,metal slitting saws,Gear Hobs,Gear Shaper cutters and Shaving Cutters,End Mills,Reamers,Spline Broaches,Spline...
Castle Corrugated Metal Pipe Co., Ltd.
Five face machining center Double column machining center Horizontal boring milling machineDouble column planing milling machine Duplex spindles milling machine Gun drilling machine Double column...
Changjing Wire Drawing Machinery Co.
Wire Processing Machinery Continuous Pulley Wire Drawing Machine Dry Type Wire Drawing Machines Wet Type Wire Drawing Machines Straight Line Wire Drawing Machines Steel Wire Galvanizing...
Cheng Mei Machine Co., Ltd.
01. Thermoforming Machine02. Vacuum Forming Machine03. Pressure Forming Machinery04. Plastic Thermoforming Machine05. Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Cherng Horng Machinery Co., Ltd.
01.    Blow Film Machine 02.    Film Extrusion Machine 03.    Flexo Printing Machine 04.    Plastic Bag Making...
Chevalier / Falcon Machine Tools Co., Ltd.
Machining CenterCNC LatheSurface GrinderProfile Grinding MachinesCNC Vertical Lathe
Chia Ming Machinery Co., Ltd.
blow molding machine, blow moulding machine, plastic blow molding machine, pet stretch blow molding machine, pet blow making machine
Chiah Chyun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Twin Spindle Twin Turret, CNC Lathe, CNC Auto Lathe, CNC Turning Center, Sub Spindle Lathe
Chiah Chyun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Twin Spindle Twin Turret CNC Lathe CNC Auto Lathe CNC Turning Center Sub Spindle Lathe ,  , 
Chiah Chyun Machinery Co.,Ltd.
01. CNC Lathe02. CNC Auto Lathe03. CNC Turning Center04. Sub Spindle Lathe
china byfine valve co.,ltd.
gate valve ,ball valve,check valve,globe valve
China DNW Diaper Machine Manufacturer Co., Ltd
China DNW Diaper Machine Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is a professional diaper making machine and hygienic products production line manufacturer in China, mainly engaging in R&D of baby diaper making...
  Our company  buildup by a professional and experienced technician and workers .We produce variety of tungsten carbide products such as :     Carbide Buttons for...
Ching Kun Machine Co., Ltd.
01. VDI Tool Holder02. CNC Tool Holder03. Tool Holder04. Keyless Drill Chuck05. Throw Away Type Tools06. BMT Tool HolderClick for more Evemore Tools...
CON Rubber Roller Co., Ltd.
Rubber Roller Company commits itself to customized rubber rollers widely used in printing, textile, mining, metallurgy to solve all problems.
Conex Bronze Fittings
PRODUCTS Bronze Bushes Bushings Bronze Flanges Bronze Flanges NPT Bronze Pump Flanges Bronze Grounding Clamps Connectors Bronze Guv Clamps U Clamps Bronze Ground Clamps...
Cosmo Machinery
01. Plastic Bag Making Machine02. Plastic Bag Machine03. Bag Making Machine04. T-shirt Bag Making Machine05. Sealing & Cutting Machine06. Bottom Sealing Machine
CTi Automation
Accu-Coder Encoders,AC Tech Drives,Lenze Inverters,NAiS PLCs,Infra DataSensor
Cutter Industries
Machine Tools
Dahching Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
01. Welding Machine02. Spot Welding Machine03. Seam Welding Machine04. Flash Butt Welding Machine
Diamond Blade Dealer
Eco Pickled Surface
Slurry Blasting is at the core of Eco Pickled Surface steel pickling process. The slurry – a mixture of ordinary water and fine steel grit – is propelled onto the steel strip in a...
Euma-Spinner Corporation
Machining CenterVertical Machining Center5 Axis Machining CenterDouble Column Machining Center 
Evertire Inc
Excitron Corporation
CNC Lathe, CNC Turning Machine, Mill Turn Lathe, Live Tool Lathe
Fong Ho Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
01. Sawing Machine02. Circular Sawing Machine03. Chamfering Machine04. Saw Blade Sharpener05. Metal Circular Saw
Fonon Display and Semiconductor
Semiconductor,Flat Panel Display
Fote Machinery
Fote Machinery mainly provide stone crushing machine, ore processing machine, powder grinding mill, cement making machine, dryer machine, mobile crushing station, briquette machine.
GANRO Industrial Corp.
01. CNC Rotary Table02. Rotary Table03. CNC Index Table04. 5 Axis Rotary Table05. Gear Indexer ,More other rotary table products, please visit our website.
Gin Chan Machinery Co., Ltd.
Grinding Accessories, Milling Accessories, Magnetic Tools, Tool Maker Vise, Boring Heads
Golfang Mfg. & Development Co., Ltd.
Injection Blow Molding Machine, Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine, Injection Blow Mold, Injection Stretch Blow Mold, Heat Transfer Medium Machine, Mold Temperature Controller
Greeny mist eliminator factory
Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators,Mist Eliminator,Mist Eliminator Filter,Oil Mist Eliminator,Pad Mist Eliminators.
Hagemeyer North America
Machine Tools
Hainachuan Wire Mesh Products Factory
Hainachuan Wire Mesh Products Factory is an large enterprise engaged in wire mesh processed products. The company is located in Hebei-Anping which is close to a big northern Chinese port -...
Hangzhou Mingxiang Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd
castings,investment castings,auto parts,automobile parts,machine parts,machinery parts,valves,pipe fittings,motorcycle parts,machinery components,hardware tools,etc.
Hangzhou Sufoor Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Bracket Fixtures,Machining Fixtures,Hydraulic Chuck,Bearing Fixture
Hangzhou Sufoor Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Bracket Fixtures,Machining Fixtures,Hydraulic Chuck,Bearing Fixture
Hebei Bolong mesh products Co.,Ltd
Crimped wire mesh products are used as fence or filters in a lot of industries; heavy duty crimped wire mesh products are mostly used as screen in mining, coal factory, construction and other...
HG Technology Co., Ltd.
End Mills, Carbide End Mill
Prototype Making ,Die Casting Audio PArts ,Die Casting Light Housing ,Furniture fittings die casting ,Casting Moto and Auto parts ,Communication and Electronics parts ,Medical Equipment parts
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd
Hitech Metals Brass Extruded Rods India
Brass Wires ,      ,Brass Lead Free Wires             Brass Cold Heading Wire                 ...
Hsin Lien Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
hydraulic presses, hydraulic press
Hsuan Hau Enterprise Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of Aluminum tube, RTV Silicone, Super glue, Rubber solution, Tire repair kit
JANPO Precision Tools
High Speed Cutting ToolEnd MillsCarbide End MillsMetal Cutting Tools
Janpo Precision Tools
End Mills, Carbide End Mills, Cutting Tools, Carbide Cutting Tools, Precision Cutting Tools
Jiann Sheng Machinery & Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
Electric Discharge MachineCNC EDMWire Cut EDMDrill EDM
Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., Limited
Die Casting,Mold Making,Lock Parts,Light Fixture Parts,CNC Machining Parts
Klarm Aluminium Machining China Manufacturer
aluminium machining china ,cnc machining service china ,cnc machined parts china ,turned parts china ,machine shop china
Laser Photonics
SBM Series for Laser Cutting and Engraving ,Fiber Tower for Laser Marking,Handheld Fiber Laser, great for Direct Part Marking and small enough to hold in the hand.,Fiber Laser Cutting Robotics,OEM...
Lazermarket lazer markalama kaynak ltd
Leader Extrusion Machinery
Plastic Extrusion MachineExtrusion LineFilm Extrusion MachinePlastic Sheet Machinery
Lianyungang Huanhai Machinery Co., Ltd.
Drilling rig is a machine to drill holes in the ground. It is also known as diamond core rig in general place. It is mainly used to the on-shore or off-shore oil well, water well or the...
Lien Chieh Machinery Co., Ltd.
01. Hydraulic Press02. Hydraulic Presses03. Die Spotting Press04. Deep Drawing Press05. Forging Press06. Die Tryout Press07. Hemming Press08. SMC Press09. GMT Press10. Plywood Press11. Hydroforming...
Lien Chieh Machinery Co., Ltd.
,01. Hydraulic Press02. Hydraulic Presses03. Die Spotting Press04. Deep Drawing Press05. Forging Press06. Die Tryout Press07. Hemming Press08. SMC Press09. GMT Press10. Plywood Press11....
Machine Tools Directory with Online Video
CNC LatheHydraulic PressExtruder and Extrusion PlantPackaging MachineMachining CenterGrinding MachineSawing MachineMilling Machine
Metal Werks - Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Seattle, Washington
Ming Jilee Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Plastic Extruder, Plastic Bag Machine, Ultrasonic Machine, Blowing Bubble Machine, Sealing Machine, Plastic Bag Sealing, Bag Sealing Equipment
Multiplas Enginery Co., Ltd.
Injection Molding MachineInsert MoldingVertical Injection Molding MachinePlastic Injection Molding MachineRubber Injection Molding Machine
MYDAY Machinery Inc.
Oil Country Lathe Large Oil Country Lathe CNC Oil Country Lathe Heavy Duty Lathe  CNC Heavy Duty Lathe CNC Vertical Lathe
Ningbo Penoso Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
water dispenser
NingBo SUTO Industry Co., Ltd
Ningbo Zhengxiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.(NBZX)
tools-dies ,cnc-machining-parts ,automotive-interiors ,automotive-exteriors
Carbide end mills for high speed machining on hardened steels Diamont coating carbide end mills for graphite Miniature carbide end mills ER Collet for high speed machining , 
Novo Precision LLC
Orient Mold Co.,Ltd
Mold/mould design and construction for injection molding, die casting, precise metal stamping, double injection molding, precise molding, precise tooling
Piyush Steel
AISI 4130 Pipe Fittings, AISI 4130 Fittings, AISI 4130 Elbow, AISI 4130 Reducer, AISI 4130 Cross, AISI 4130 Cap
Plan B Solutions
New, used, and rebuilt/refurbished abrasive blast equipment and dust collectors, air compressors, motors and drives, controls automation and electrical applications, PLC programming and upgrades
POSA Machinery Co., Ltd.
Precision SpindleGrinding Machine SpindleHigh Speed Spindle
Power Diamond Tools
PythonX- Division of Lincoln Electric
PythonX Structural Steel Fabrication System by Lincoln Electric is a flexible plasma cutting center that does the work of an entire shop full of traditional equipment. This robotic technology...
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