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Material Handling and Packaging > Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) (5 Companies)
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An automatic guided vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot that is programmed to follow markers or wires in the floor, or use vision or laser guidance and move around the designated paths or areas. AGV is most often used to move materials around a manufacturing facility or a warehouse in order to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

The Navigation of automatic guided vehicles (AGV) include wired, guide tape, laser target navigation, gyroscopic navigation, natural features navigation, steering control. Common AGV Applications include raw material handling, work-in-process movement, pallet handling, finished product handling, trailer loading, roll handling. AGV has grown beyond warehousing and is often employed in the following industries: pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, automotive, paper and print, food and beverage, hospital.

 5 companies matched 
(AGV) Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
Laser Guided AGVs, Fixed Path Systems, Free Range Systems, Forked AGVs, and Automated Guided Carts
Allied Caster & Equipment Co.
Brass Electrical Components Anchor fasteners
electrical Brass components Brass Anchor fasteners Brass Nuts Brass Anchors Brass turned parts Brass components cable glands
Automated Guided Vehicle Systems , 
Hangzhou XinHi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.