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A lift table is a platform device that employs a scissors mechanism to raise or lower the working/supporting surfaces. Lift tables are often used to raise and position workpieces for ergonomic access. They can position the loads into conveyor systems or adjust materials to meet feeding machines.

In addition to lifting, a lift table may have tilting and rotating functions and may be mounted on rails or a truck for mobility. Lift tables are widely used in industries including construction, automotive and garage service, electrical and power service, telecommunications, manufacturing, inventory management, woodworking, metalworking, paper, printing and publishing, warehousing and distribution, heavy machinery and transportation.

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Allied Caster & Equipment Co.
Brooks Technical Solutions, Inc.
Products include: Consumer and Industrial electronics; Military Enclosures in machined metal housings; medical devices; mold insert design; mechanisms; toys and test fixtures. , 
Level Lifts
Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts The most practical solution for low to medium rise applications. Internal and external models available and can be incorporated within fire rated area's. Short Rise...
Power Lift
Specialists in the design and manufacture of tailor made lift platforms for wheelchair and disabled users at home, in public places, indoors and outside.