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Bags and sacks are used for storage, packaging, transportation, and shipping applications. Plastic bags, made of thin, flexible, plastics film, are extremely popular in everyday usages of containing, protecting, and transporting foods, produce, powders, ice, chemicals, waste, components, electronic accessories, and almost all small objects.

Disposable plastic bags are often heat sealed together. Some plastic bags are bonded with adhesives or are stitched. Reusable plastic bags may have stronger bonding and thicker materials to provide strength for the wear and tear in use. Shrink-wrap is another form of plastic bag by applying heat to the wrapping plastic sheets to shrink around the object.

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An Injection Molding (Plastic) Company
Plastic injection molding
Cherng Horng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Blown Film MachineFilm Extrusion MachineFlexo Printing MachineBag Sealing and Cutting MachineStretch Film Rewinder Machine , 
Cherng Horng Machinery Co., Ltd.
01.    Blow Film Machine 02.    Film Extrusion Machine 03.    Flexo Printing Machine 04.    Plastic Bag Making...
Cosmo Machinery
01. Plastic Bag Making Machine02. Plastic Bag Machine03. Bag Making Machine04. T-shirt Bag Making Machine05. Sealing & Cutting Machine06. Bottom Sealing Machine
Hemingstone Machinery
Calendar Bag Making MachineInflation MachineFlexo Printing PressPlastic Bag MachineCutting Sealing Machine
Injection Moulding Co., Ltd
injection moulding, injection mould, plastic parts, plastic injection moulding
Jingke Plastic Netting Factory
Our major products are: Bird netting, trellis netting, windbreak netting, shade netting, hail netting, crop netting, olive netting, debris netting, safety netting, scaffold netting, snow fence,...
S-DAI Industrial Co., Ltd.
Bag Making MachineFlower Bag Making MachineSealing & Cutting MachinePlastic Bag Making Machine
Wuqiang Jingrui Fiberglass Window Screen Co., Ltd.
Window Screens Factory Equipment   Equipment situation Qty Fiberglass Yarn Drawing Machines 11 sets Glass Fiber Coating Line 5lines Screen mesh Weaving...