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3D Scanners

A white paper to assist in the evaluation of 3D scanning hardware solutions.

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A security seal is a safety product used for identifying whether a package or container has been open or not. It is often used to detect theft, contamination, and/or integrity or contents. Note that the effectiveness of a security seal is strongly dependent on the proper protocols for using it.

Security seals are used for many different applications including access control, records integrity, inventory integrity, shipping integrity, container seal security, computer security, theft prevention and detection. In addition, security seals are also used for detecting contamination such as hazardous materials accountability, nuclear nonproliferation, and consumer product protection. They are not only used in private sectors for property protection but also popular in law enforcement, homeland security, customs, and national defense. Common security seals are made of metals or plastics include lead seals, numbered seals, rail-car seals, and truck seals. Hot stamping, laser engraving, thermal printing are introduced as possible security sealing alternatives.

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Cut Sheet Labels - custom labels
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Jinzhu Portable Fence & Panels Co.
modular fence system, steel mesh framework portable fence, diamond mesh chain link fencing, plastic coated portable fence, aluminum fence, woven wire field fence, cable wire webnet zoo netting, steel...
KnitMesh Technologies Ltd
Working with customers who are world-class in their chosen fields, KnitMesh Technologies supplies highly innovative products to many multi-national and global organisations across the automotive, ...
Xingde High Security Fence Co.