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Material Handling and Packaging > Shipping Containers and Cases (10 Companies)
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Shipping containers and shipping cases are bags, boxes, buckets, barrels, containers, crates, trunks and other vessels for transporting materials. They are designed to resist the harsh environment and handling during transportation. Common shipping containers include intermodal freight containers, corrugated boxes, wooden boxes, crates, intermediate bulk shipping containers, bulk boxes, drums, insulated shipping containers.

Specifications of a common shipping containers include volume capacity, weight capacity, tare weight, and dimension. Features to consider include collapsible, covers, EMI/RFI shielding, handles, hazardous materials storage, locking or restricted access, stackable, and wheels.

 10 companies matched 
A1 Brass Fitting India
Brass Sanitary Fittings  Cable Gland Systems  Gland Accessories Conduit Fittings Brass Fasteners Cu.Terminal Ends (Lugs) Pressed Components Panel Board...
A2 Brass Fasteners Inserts
  PRODUCTS We specialize in All types of Brass Parts, Copper Parts, Brass Forgings , Copper Forgings, Brass Nuts, Brass Anchors, Brass Screws etc.Our products can be broadly classified as...
A3 Brass Extrusion Rods
,       ,    Products   Brass Extruded Rods Brass Wires Brass Hollow Rods Brass Section and Profile Brass Billets and Ingots Brass Tubes and Pipes Copper Rods and Busbars Bronze Ingots and Billets   ...
Canyonwest Cases
Cut Sheet Labels - custom labels
Mailing & Shipping Labels Organizational Labels Business Labels Party Labels Container Labels Bath and Body Labels
Delta Adsorbents Division of Delta Enterprises, Inc.
KnitMesh Technologies Ltd
Working with customers who are world-class in their chosen fields, KnitMesh Technologies supplies highly innovative products to many multi-national and global organisations across the automotive, ...
Philly Case Co.
Philly Case offers many different types of shipping cases, including custom and standard types. These include: * Wooden ATA Cases * Molded ATA Cases * ATA Shipping Cases *...
Tomopal Inc.
Manufacturer & Distributor of Glass Syringes, Microsyringes, Scales & Balances, Gas Filters, Gas Purifiers. ILS and SGE Syringe for GC/HPLC/LC Types include: Microsyringe , Multiloading...
Yueqing Nuoda Strapping Co.,LTD
Steel Strapping Tool,plastic strapping tool, battery strapping tool,pet strapping tool,pp strapping tool, pneumatic strapping, manual strapping, manual tensioner, manual sealer, pneumatic tensioner, penumatic strap sealer...