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Innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners in a wide array of fields.

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AGI-American Grippers Inc.
Pneumatic Parallel grippers,Pneumatic Angular grippers,Pneumatic Rotary Actuators,Pneumatic Linear slides,Pneumatic Minature slides,Feed escapements,Tool changers,Overload devices,O-ring Assembly...
Conex Brass turned Parts and Brass turned Components India
   Brass Pins Electrical Plug pins   |   Brass Conduit Fitting  |   Brass Lamp Component    Panel Board Fittings  |...
Fusco Industry co.,Ltd.
MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0 Ball joints, angle joint, angle joints, DIN 71802, housings,ball socket, DIN 71805, ball studs, DIN 71803, axial joints, angle joints with sealing cap,ball joint long version Steering& suspension ball joint,tie rod end,ATV,go-cart ball joint Clevis, clevises,DIN 71752/DIN ISO 8140,, clevis joints,fork joint,DIN71751, clevises with male thread, clevises with elongated hole, hardened clevises, mating pieces for clevises, folding spring bolts,ES-bolts, cotter bolts, DIN 1443, DIN 1444, DIN 1445, DIN EN 22340, ISO 2340, DIN EN 22341, ISO 2341, shafts,  rod end, rod ends, DIN 648, DIN ISO 12240-4, hydraulic rod end , rod ends hydraulic, DIN 24338, ISO 6982, DIN 24555, ISO 8133, spherical plain bearings, DIN 648, DIN ISO 12240-1,  Retainers, retainers for shaft, locking washers, spring washers, spring washers with cap, DIN 6799, locking clips, joint rods, steel, stainless steel parts,DIN fasteners,high strength bolt,nut,brackets Control system,push-pull control cables,master system,master unit,cable accessories. Linear bearings,linear bushes,precision shaft,shaft support,flanged linear bearing,sliding unit,support unit. Parts according to drawing, CNC turned parts, turned parts, precision turned parts, milling parts, precision milling parts...
IntelLiDrives, Inc.
Tantex Corporation
maufactuer of industrial supply.