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Fluid Flow > Silencers and Mufflers (7 Companies)
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A muffler or a silencer is a device for reducing the amount of noise emitted by internal combustion engines. It is most commonly seen on the exhaust on most automobiles and motercycles.

Mufflers are typically installed along the exhaust pipe as part of the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine to reduce its exhaust noise. The muffler accomplishes this with a resonating chamber, which is specifically tuned to cause destructive interference, where opposite sound waves cancel each other out. Catalytic converters also often have a muffling effect. The effect is mainly generated largely by restriction, rather than by cancellation.

 7 companies matched 
A1 Brass Fittngs India
Brass Anchors Brass Anchor Fasteners Brass Battery Terminals Brass Hinges Brass Bearing Hinges Brass Hardware Brass Fasteners Brass Machine Screws Brass...
Aamu Brass Components
suppliers of screws fasteners engineering Brass parts from Jamnagar
Antiwear Polyurethane Screen Mesh Co., Ltd
polyurethane screen mesh
Balti Filter Elements Company
filter elements, cylindrical filter element, pleat filter element, filter disc
Wire Mesh
RG6 Coaxial Cable,,RG11 Coaxial Connectors
Toppo Lighting Company Limited
LED Tube Lights & LED Tri-proof Lights