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Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Pneumatic Cylinders (10 Companies)
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A pneumatic cylinder or air cylinder is a mechanical device which employ compressed gas as the medium to deliver force and often in combination with movement similar to an actuator.

The delivery of force and movement is basically converting the potential energy of compressed gas into kinetic energy. Once a pneumatic cylinder is actuated, compressed air enters into the cylinder and imparts force on the piston on the other end. Consequently, the piston is pushed by the expansion of previously compressed air in an attempt to reach atmospheric pressure of the surroundings.
Common types of pneumatic cylinders include Single acting cylinders, Double acting cylinders, Rotary air cylinders, and Rod-less cylinders. They come with various sizes ranging from 2.5 mm to 400 mm or even as large as 1,000 mm in diameter.

 10 companies matched 

A Jamnagar Brass Components Jamnagar Brass Parts
Brass Parts Brass inserts Jamnagar Brass Components Brass Nuts Brass Screws Brass FAsteners Brass Inserts Manufactuerrs India Brass parts Turned parts Jamnagar
AGI-American Grippers Inc.
Pneumatic Parallel grippers,Pneumatic Angular grippers,Pneumatic Rotary Actuators,Pneumatic Linear slides,Pneumatic Minature slides,Feed escapements,Tool changers,Overload devices,O-ring Assembly...
Ambica Steels Ltd.
Ambica is a fully integrated Stainless Steel manufacturer, headquartered in New Delhi, India. Customer base of the company is spread across 6 continents. The company will be celebrating its Golden...
Brass Inserts India
Inserts Brass acsting Moulding inserts plastics electrical parts
eric wire mesh filter co.,ltd
A process according to the stainless steel screen mainly with stainless steel screen is divided into multi-layer welding screen and multilayer serging screen.  eric stainless steel screen...
Finetech Engineering Corporation
Pneumatic Products, Hydraulic Accessories, Industrial Valves, Special Application Valves, Boiler Burner & Spares, Instrumentation
Glassmaster Controls Company, Inc.
Waltray Wire Cart Company
wire cart
Zhejiang Lixiang Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd.
LISSAM is one of professional China Welding Cutting machine manufacturers and Welding helmet Suppliers, our products cover Welding Machine, Welding Accessories, Welding Consumables, Gas Equipment,...