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Extrusion is a process to create objects of a long tube or rod like shape and fixed cross-sectional profile. A material is pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross-section. Extrusion may be continuous and can be done with the material hot or cold.

The main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes include its ability to create very complex cross-sections and work materials that are brittle, since only compressive and shear stresses but no tensile stresses involved. It forms finished parts with an excellent surface finish with a set of good die.
Commonly extruded materials include metals, polymers, ceramics, concrete and foods. Everyday examples include copper and plastic pipes, steel and copper wires, French fries, pastas, whip cream decors on cakes, and many rods, bars, tubes, and rails in most households.

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1 Conex Brass Screws Bolts Nuts Brass fasteners
DIn 84 Brass Cheese head slotted screws Machine screws Brass Pan head Screws DIN 85 machine screws Brass CSK Slotted Wood screws Brass Anchors Drop in anchors Pool Cover anchors Spacers...
Antiwear Polyurethane Screen Mesh Co., Ltd
polyurethane screen mesh
BL Stainless Steel Fittings
Stainless Steel fittings Stainless Steel baskets Stainless Steel forgings  Stainless Steel fasteners Stainless Steel castings
Cherng Horng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Blown Film MachineFilm Extrusion MachineFlexo Printing MachineBag Sealing and Cutting MachineStretch Film Rewinder Machine , 
Cherng Horng Machinery Co., Ltd.
01.    Blow Film Machine 02.    Film Extrusion Machine 03.    Flexo Printing Machine 04.    Plastic Bag Making...
Chia Ming Machinery
Blow Molding MachineStretch Blow Molding MachineExtrusion Blow Molding MachinePET Blow Molding MachineBlow Moulding Machine
China AIP Mould Industrial Limited
Plastic injection molds,die-casting,Rapid prototyping,Custom machined parts,extrusion,casting,Molded plastic products.Mold Design,
China Foring Machienry Co.,Ltd
Our products are mainly divided into three categories. ,The first is forging machinery, including CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, follow-up control fully hydraulic free die forging hammer,...
metal parts, metal stamping parts, metal injection molding MIM parts, forging parts, casting parts ,CNC machined parts, turned parts, sheet metal parts, precision...
Conex Bronze Fittings
PRODUCTS Bronze Bushes Bushings Bronze Flanges Bronze Flanges NPT Bronze Pump Flanges Bronze Grounding Clamps Connectors Bronze Guv Clamps U Clamps Bronze Ground Clamps...
Defi International Limited
Casting parts,Stamping parts ,Machining parts ,Plastic injection parts ,Fence hardware ,Wire products ,Auto accessories
DongXin Field Fence Factory
roducts Hinge Joint Field Fence Fixed Knot Field Fence Square Deal Knots Field Fences Graduate Mesh Fence Woven Wire Field Fence High Tensile Field Fence Cattle Fence Horse Fence Deer...
eric wire mesh filter co.,ltd
A process according to the stainless steel screen mainly with stainless steel screen is divided into multi-layer welding screen and multilayer serging screen.  eric stainless steel screen...
Full Shine Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Injection Blow Molding Machine, Extruder, Stretch Blow Molding Machine, PET Preform, PET Bottle Making Machine, Plastic Blow Molding Machine...
Hebei Lianda Filter Equipment Co., Ltd.
Sintered wire mesh laminates Standard 5 layer sintered wire mesh All square weave sintered wire mesh Sintered wire mesh with perforated metal sheet All Dutch weave sintered wire...
Hebei Maple FRP Industry Co.,Ltd.
Fiberglass Profiles,Fiberglass Beam,Fiberglass Grating,Fiberglass Cable Tray Bracket,Fiberglass Fish Tank,Fiberglass Handrail,Fiberglass Slat Floor,frp pultrusion machine,frp grating machine,smc...
Hebei Nanrui Filtration Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.
filtration wire mesh,filter element,wedge wire screen,sintered wire mesh,wire mesh belt
Hemingstone Machinery
Calendar Bag Making MachineInflation MachineFlexo Printing PressPlastic Bag MachineCutting Sealing Machine
Hitech Metals Brass Extruded Rods India
Brass Wires ,      ,Brass Lead Free Wires             Brass Cold Heading Wire                 ...
Injection Mold China Company
  injection molding china injection mold china china injection molding china plastic injection molding china mold maker plastic injection molding ...
Leader Extrusion Machinery
Plastic Extrusion MachineExtrusion LineFilm Extrusion MachinePlastic Sheet Machinery
Lien Fa Injection Machinery Co., Ltd.
01. Injection Molding Machine 02. Direct Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine 03. Saving Energy Injection Molding Machine 04. High Speed High Pressure Injection Molding Machine 05. Vertical...
Machine Tools Directory with Online Video
CNC LatheHydraulic PressExtruder and Extrusion PlantPackaging MachineMachining CenterGrinding MachineSawing MachineMilling Machine
Mastars Industrial Co. Ltd
Rapid prototyping (CNC machining, SLA, SLS, Vacuum casting, sheet metal) ,Tooling (Rapid, Bridge, Export, production) Injection Molding Die casting Lost wax casting
Metline Tubes India
Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipes ,Stainless Steel Electropolished Pipes ,Stainless Steel Square Pipes ,Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipes ,HASTELLOY C276...
Ming Jilee Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Plastic Extruder, Plastic Bag Machine, Ultrasonic Machine, Blowing Bubble Machine, Sealing Machine, Plastic Bag Sealing, Bag Sealing Equipment
Ningbo Huayuan Casting Machinery Factory
OEM Steel Casting Parts,High Precision Die Casting Parts,carbon steel casting parts,stainless steel
Polymer Portal
Pyramids Technology Corporation
Plastics Injection Molding ,Die casting ,Stamping ,Al Extrusion ,CNC machine parts ,Assembly , 
Rancty binding wire factory
binding wire, tie wire, double loop wire tie, U type wire
Sunwell Global Ltd.
01. Foam Extrusion02. Thermoformer03. XPS Extrusion04. PET Extrusion05. EPE Pipe Profile06. EPS Cup Machine07. XPS Insulation08. EPE Plank Extrusion09. Food Packaging Extrusion10. Food Packaging...
Taizhou Pubo Mould & Plastic Co.. Ltd.
The Black River Company,Inc.(Shanghai)
plastic injection,mould,tooling,mold,extrusion
The Steel Pipes Factory - Metallica
Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes - 304, 316, 321, 310S ,Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes - ASTM A106 Grade B ,Mild Steel Seamless & Welded Pipes ,Sprial Welded Pipes ,Alloy Steel Pipes - ASTM A335...
Twin Screw Industrial Co., Ltd.
Twin Screw Extruder, Extrusion Plant for Pipe and Profile, Plastic Pipe Making Machine, PVC Pipe Making Machine, Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Line, Hollow Profile Sheet Making Machine, Barrel and...
Uidea Rapid Prototype China Co., Ltd.
SLA, china rapid prototyping company, vacuum casting, cnc machining prototype, reaction injection molding, plastic extrusion, aluminium extrusion, sheet metal fabrication, rapid tooling, rapid...
Xinxiang jinglong composites material company
frp mold ,frp molded mould ,frp profiles ,frp rebar ,frp rebar machine