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There are two general thermoforming process categories: thin (1.5mm, 0.06in and below) and thick (heavy, 3mm, 0.12in and above) gauge thermoforming. Thin-gauge thermoforming is popular for disposable packagings. Thin-gauge parts are usually the final products when trimmed from the molds. Heavy-gauge parts often requires additional drilling, cutting, or finishing after trimming to final shape. Heavy-gauge parts are often considered permanent components of a product.

In its simplest form, a small tabletop or lab size machine can be used to heat small cut sections of plastic sheet and stretch it over a mold using vacuum. This method is often used for sample and prototype parts. In complex and high-volume applications, very large production machines are utilized to heat and form the plastic sheet and trim the formed parts from the sheet in a continuous high-speed process, and can produce many thousands of finished parts per hour depending on the machine and mold size and the size of the parts being formed.

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Cheng Mei Machine Co., Ltd.
01. Thermoforming Machine02. Vacuum Forming Machine03. Pressure Forming Machinery04. Plastic Thermoforming Machine05. Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Injection Mold China Company
  injection molding china injection mold china china injection molding china plastic injection molding china mold maker plastic injection molding ...
Jevny technology Co,ltd
Precision Machining(cnc machining, milling and turning, grinding, wire erosion, and EDM spark erosion), Rapid Prototyping (Vacuum casting ,SLA and SLS as well as cnc working prototypes,) Master...
Plasti-Coil, Inc.
Hogg Blasting and Finishing Equipment Ltd has 50 products on 
Standard 300
Sunwell Global Ltd.
01. Foam Extrusion02. Thermoformer03. XPS Extrusion04. PET Extrusion05. EPE Pipe Profile06. EPS Cup Machine07. XPS Insulation08. EPE Plank Extrusion09. Food Packaging Extrusion10. Food Packaging...
Taizhou Lijia Mould Factory
1. Commodity &mould. 2. Auto assembly &mould. 3. Appliance &mould. 4. PET preform &mould. 5. Bottle & blowing mould. 6. Composite products &compression mould such as SMC, DMC and BMC and so on.
triple-c rapid prototyping center china
cnc machind prototypes ,vacuum casted products ,short run injection moulds ,sla sls prototypes ,3d engineering services
Xiamen Jiansheng Plastics & Molds Co., Ltd.