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Rapid Prototyping (RP) is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data. These 3D models are created for visualization, lab testing, part matching, and mechanism dry runs in the stage of development. Testing, matching, and dry runs can reduces the development time by finding and correcting mistakes early. Visualization is specially valuable for marketing and purchasing for changes can be made before mass production and thus increases the chance of success.

The RP techniques that are currently commercially available include Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Solid Ground Curing (SGC), and Ink Jet printing techniques.

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3Deometry Innovations
We manufacture 3D Printers and Provide Rapid Prototyping Services in SLS, FFF, FDM, SLA, DLP and DMLS 3D Printing Technologies.
5 Axis Machining China Company
  5 axis milling china 5 axis machining china 5 axis machining services 5 axis machined parts 5 axis machining companies 5 axis machining cnc 5 axis...
A+ Injection Mold China
Plastic injection mold, injection mould making
Aco Injection Mold Manufacturer
We are a toolmaker in China, and not only ejector blade supplier, but if you need support, we could supply good quality  injection mold making, plastic injection moulding in China.
Our services include: , CNC Machining out of various grades of Plastic and Metal prototypes. ,3D Printing including FDM, SLA, SLS technologies ,Vacuum Casting out of Polyurethane...
Arte Tooling Co., Ltd
Rapid prototyping, plastic injection molding and tooling, pressure die casting, precision maching.
China Gensun Precision Machine Co.,Ltd
Precision Cnc Machining ,CNC Turning Services (CNC Turned Parts, CNC Machined Parts) ,CNC Milling Services (CNC Milled Parts, CNC Machined Parts) ,EDM Machining Services (Electrical Discharge...
CNC Machining Factory Ltd
CNC Machined Parts in China ,CNC Machining Parts in China ,CNC Machining Services in China ,Precision Machining Company in China ,CNC machine shop in China
Fit Precision Mold Co., Ltd.
Tool/Mold Design ( CAD,CAM,CAE equipped )  Prototype Making (Silicon Soft Tooling, CNC Operation, Aluminum Tooling) Plastic Injection Molding (Including Insert /Stack Mold,...
Formkon ApS
DIE CASTING IN MAGNESIUM, ALUMINIUM AND ZINCFormkon offers die cast components in magnesium, aluminium and zinc. Head office is situated in Denmark, with production facilities in China.,Besides...
Prototype Making ,Die Casting Audio PArts ,Die Casting Light Housing ,Furniture fittings die casting ,Casting Moto and Auto parts ,Communication and Electronics parts ,Medical Equipment parts
Injection Moulding Co., Ltd
injection moulding, injection mould, plastic parts, plastic injection moulding
Jevny technology Co,ltd
Precision Machining(cnc machining, milling and turning, grinding, wire erosion, and EDM spark erosion), Rapid Prototyping (Vacuum casting ,SLA and SLS as well as cnc working prototypes,) Master...
KASO Plastics
Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing, Metal to Plastic Conversion, Gas Assist and Structural Foam Molding, Over-Molding, In-Mold Decoration, Mold Design and Mold Construction, Materials Selection, 
Klarm Aluminium Machining China Manufacturer
aluminium machining china ,cnc machining service china ,cnc machined parts china ,turned parts china ,machine shop china
Klarm CNC Machining China Company
Precision Machining Parts from China ,China Precision Machined Components Precision Machining China Company ,China Machined Parts Manufacturer ,CNC Machining Services China
Klarm Rapid Prototyping China Company
rapid prototyping manufacturer China ,rapid prototyping China ,rapid prototype China ,prototype machine shop in china ,rapid prototyping services China
LANLI Technology Ltd.
MACHINING SERVICES, such as CNC milling, CNC turning, 5 axis machining, micro hole drilling, CNC prototypes, custom metal stamping, and metal bellows.
Mastars Industrial Co. Ltd
Rapid prototyping (CNC machining, SLA, SLS, Vacuum casting, sheet metal) ,Tooling (Rapid, Bridge, Export, production) Injection Molding Die casting Lost wax casting
Orient Mold Co.,Ltd
Mold/mould design and construction for injection molding, die casting, precise metal stamping, double injection molding, precise molding, precise tooling
P-Ker Engineering
Ceramic insulators, metal-ceramic assemblies, metal-ceramic seals, custom porous ceramics for chemical and medical applicataions.  Development and testing of all of the above
Paradigm Development Group, Inc.
Product Design & Prototype Development
Potomac Photonics
Laser machining of features between 1 and 300 micron in most materials including polymers, metals, ceramics, etc.
Pyramids Technology Corporation
Plastics Injection Molding ,Die casting ,Stamping ,Al Extrusion ,CNC machine parts ,Assembly , 
The Black River Company,Inc.(Shanghai)
plastic injection,mould,tooling,mold,extrusion
membrane keyboard ( membrane keypad ) nameplate with barcode Illuminated and backlit membrane keyboard ( membran keypad )
Uidea Rapid Prototype China Co., Ltd.
SLA, china rapid prototyping company, vacuum casting, cnc machining prototype, reaction injection molding, plastic extrusion, aluminium extrusion, sheet metal fabrication, rapid tooling, rapid...
Xiamen Mokai Prototype Co.,ltd.
Now, we have six CNC milling machines, one vacuum casting machine and one painting machine. We have more than twenty employees, most of them have more than ten years experience in...
Zhejiang Jiachao daily necessity Co.,Ltd.
Rapid prototyping, Rapid tooling, Precision Die Casting, Precision Machinining, CNC Milling, Precision Engineering, Gear Machining, SLA & SLS (3D Printing), Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal Forming,...